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fried mobo, smoke coming out from under it!!! wtf coulda caused this?

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Mar 8, 2001
ok, system is all built(just finished putting together), double checked if everything is hooked up correctly, everything looks fine, ok lets power it up. Push the power button on and wtf is that smell? theres smoke comong from under the mobo.....!! its toast, well i know the mobo and the cpu "were good" cause they were in anoher case, put them in new case w/300watt power supply of course, and this happens.....is it the power supply that fried the board?? and is it possible that the CPU got fried along with it??? god this sucks, need to know if its the power supply to prevent anything like this of occuring again.... :(
A drastic result like that sounds as if there is a short somewhere. You must check to make sure a connection or one of your standoffs are not in contact with something they shouldn't be. Remove the mobo and see if you can find the source of the smoke. You won't know if the chip is fried until you try it on another board. To test your PSU, you'll need to jumper a couple of pins. You can find out how at http://www.burning-issues.co.uk/how_to/power/psu.htm I wish you good luck.
Was the board and powersupply AT or ATX?...if it was AT, its easy to switch the mobo power connectors to the board. The two halves of the mobo cables are interchangeable, but if you turned them the wrong way...yes, it will smoke...big time. The AT connectors always go in the mobo socket with the black wires in each of the two sockets from the psu next to each other when seated in the mobo socket.

If it was an ATX...then remove the mobo and see what got to the back of the board. There could be an extra metal standoff that wasn't removed, and the board got into it. The power supply could have gone west...if the regulator went bad, but usually if the regulator is bad, the psu just quits
I smelled smoke and came running with a couple of hienkens, thought it was the first BBQ of the season, sorry
If you ask me, I would say that possibly a screw fell behind the motherboard while putting it back together, and another possibility would be the little brass risers making contact. This happened to me once at the store where I work, only it was a motherboard defect and I fried two 1ghz Athlons. :( lucky I didnt get fired
you let the magic smoke out! How could you! You must know that all computers run on magic smoke, you let the smoke out and they don't work any more. Oh the humanity!

On a serious note, were your jumpers ok, i fried a card when i had messed the jumpers up once.