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Fried My NIC

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Hugo 59

Senior Member
Feb 28, 2001
Linwood, NC
I was running at 115 by 8.5 (977). Listinging to streaming audio when it crashed (BSOD).

I had a Lynksys etherfast 10/100 Lan card.

I rebooted, tried to reconnect using winpoet dialer(DSL). Winpoet cannot connect to communications device. The link light on my modem is solid the link light on my card blinks. I called my dsl provider they tell me its fried.

Anyone have any idea why this would happen? I was running at defualt voltage and my case temp was only 25C cpu temp 36C.

Computer had been rock solid at this setting running prime 95 and 3dmark 2001.

Any help is appreciatied as I don't want to put a brand new nic in it and have this happen agian.

I'm really glad that it was only my nic and not anything more costly. Knock On Wood.
things like this happen after time in a overclocked machine

i have gone through 9 nic's in the last 2 years

my last one smoked s resistor on it when i was running 3.7 volys on the I/O and had it on a 162 FSB so my PCI was around 45ish MHZ and then SMOKE cane out DA CASE

i was trippin' .........looked in and smoke was coming fron my Nic

it was a SMC nic that took 6 months of abuse.......best nic i ever have had !!!!!
I see the same linksys cards are on sale at compusa for $15 guess I should stock up.

I just didn't think that with my fsb at 115 that I really was pushing the card all that hard.
With some network cards, you're taking a risk by OC'ing your PCI bus by even as little as 1 or 2 MHz... I have had endless amounts of trouble with Linksys cards, even in non-overclocked computers. I recommend 3Com, D Link, or Realtek cards. never had problems with any of those.