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Friend needs help Win 11

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Dec 6, 2010
I have a friend that needs help, he got a new PC with Win 11, he has to enter a user name/password just for running a program (app), is there a way to stop having to enter user name/password just to run something on the PC?
I don't think I've ever run across that...

Is this with all programs/apps? Your words to describe 'it' are singular...If it's just that app, sounds like it's the app's issue not W11?
Is the user an admin?

Make sure the UAC settings aren't intrusive (turn them down to nothing).
That's what I was thinking but not sure of the path to get to it in Win 11. I'll let my friend know what to look for.
You would think so, my friend could not find the Start button for a while.
There are people out there that don't even know what or where "File Explorer" is, most likely they had someone else setup the PC then all they do is click icons :)
Oh, no doubt! For 99% of users, these are black boxes and they want them to work like Kiosks! :rofl: