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Frolicking in the Muck?

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
No, Just O/C'ers Folding Amok!

                         Computekinc.us @ 36,421,347
                               orion456 @ 35,628,873[/color][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]

                              BigBlockk @ 13,076,142

                                 jonspd @ 8,008,007

                          sneakysnowman @ 7,245,376

                             surferseth @ 6,275,768
                                Eggbert @ 6,084,259

                                 Methal @ 4,058,659
                               RamonetB @ 4,038,223

                            Blake_Henry @ 3,023,515

                               Lamby853 @ 2,065,267
                              Portorock @ 2,002,213
                               belorsch @ 2,001,049
                                 Roisen @ 1,036,093
         Lowryder(www.overclockers.com) @ 1,030,356
                            PhilColwill @ 834,274
                                cgcihil @ 800,285
                                     NV @ 629,758
                               Jedi3Dfx @ 505,477
                         Hatchiroku8616 @ 502,758
                                  GregB @ 500,611[/COLOR]

Computekinc.us and Orion456 top the milestone list this week, and deservedly so. Both are among our team's most prolific folders. Throw BigBlockk, Jonspd, and Sneakysnowman into the mix, and you can see why OCAU, is kinda worried. :cool:

Surferseth is riding high, with Eggbert in the mix, at the box car's milestone.
Methal and RamonetB have meanwhile rushed past the 4 Million mark, with Blake Henry 1 Million behind them. A very solid bunch of folders in this bunch.

The duece's are well represented with Lamby853, Portorock, and Belorsch neck and neck. Right there, that's 13K points per day for FAH and T32. :)
Lamby is not just counting sheep, however - watch out for this teammate.

We have two new millionaire club members to welcome:

12345678901234567890* Roisen
12345678901234567890* Lowryder

It's always a pleasure welcoming the new club members.

Our on-deck circle is filling up, so I expect several more millionaire's in the very near future.

Congratulations and Well Done, Everyone! :beer: :soda:


Sep 20, 2007
Congratulations on some Awesome Milestones and Well Done, Everyone!

Milestones Have Been Updated

Data - Sun Nov 01 @ 13:00:00 PST 2009


Fold On!


Oct 23, 2004
Charlotte, NC
Woo! I'm on a list. And Harlam gets to see my avatar again! :D

Soon I'll have another GTX 260/216 - more folding powah.