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Frustrating Sound Card problem!!!

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Apr 16, 2001
After a recent overclocking mishap, i had to clear my cmos to get it to boot.
It was going good for a maybe half an hour. the next time i rebooted my pc froze when it was initializing my sound card
(something like ... port @ a000 and IRQ 10)
then it would just hang, id press something and an endless beep results.
i didnt know what was wrong so i lent my card to a buddy, it worked perfectly on his comp
i uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the card and it still did the same thing.
anyone have any suggestions?
my system info is in my sig..
Looks like you have an IRQ conflict. Check in Device Manager to see what other device is trying to take IRQ 10 and remove it if possible. Then re-install your sound card and see if all is well. Then install the other card.

Some sound cards only work on one or two IRQ's, and if they can't get their way they get bent out of shape and crash your system. Newer boards are able to do IRQ sharing, but even so some boards don't even like that.

If all else fails you may have to reserve the IRQ and manually assign it to the sound card, there are however a couple of other things to try first such as moving slots.