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FSAA: it doesn't work in d3d

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New Member
Jun 6, 2001
I seem to have trouble running d3d and fsaa. I have set fsaa to every setting with no results. 4x4 looks like 2x2 which looks like 'no fssa' I can tell some difference, could be my imagination, in OpenGl, but not much. Does fsaa actually work for my system? Is there something in the bios that needs to be turned on? I have scanned alot of nvidia urls w/ no addressing a lack of fsaa in their systems.
I need help desperately!!!!! Let me know what settings work on your system.

My system:
PIII 800 on an Abit BE6-II
Win98se, DX8.0
Geforce2 GTS 64mb - 7.78 certified drivers
384mb pc133 sdram
20gb Western Digital HD
Diamond Monster mx300 sound
32x cdrom
all cooled w/ a slot fan and a 5.5 double exhaust fan w/ Rain running in the background.
Hmm, I believe I was ripped off by Nvidia's spin doctors and their cronnies. While I enjoy the speed of my geforce2, I'm really disappointed in the inability of FSAA to make a noticeable difference.
Perhaps it's my motherboard not being 4x AGP? Would I be correct in thinking that? If not, then perhaps I should buy a PCI Voodoo5 card. From what I've seen in graphic quality in 4x FSAA, the V5 blows my geforce away! I'd prefer not to buy the V5 as it's relatively dead from a support point of view, but I'm looking for quality as I'm a flight sim fanatic. With the price of a V5 around $100, how can I go wrong when the geforce2(64mb mind you) doesn't live up to the hype?
Anyhow, thanks for any help on this subject folks. I'm starting to miss the good ole days of Voodoo2 where they 'talked the talk and walked the walk'.