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FSB and Memory bandwidth

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Jan 6, 2001
FIC just released the AD11 that supports 266fsb. Can a 200fsb cpu (all that's available right now) utilize pc2100 (266mhz) memory, or can it only use 200mhz mem? Anotherwords, do we have to wait till 266fsb cpus are out to take advantage of pc2100? Thanks,
I believe Anandtech and Tom's both have done reviews that show the current 200MHZ FSB chips can almost all be overclocked with the 133 mhz FSB, but you need to be able to drop the multiplier back to keep the overall speed from getting too high. IE if I had such a board instead of 9x100 it'd be more like 6x133 or 6.5x133...seems to work quite well, the only limitation was the clock generator/northbridges on the old boards, not the chips themselves...the low speed durons <ie 600s> might be able to nail 900 or so without a multiplier change on boards that dont support changing the multiplier due to their higher overclockability