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FSB & Hard Drive Corruption

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Mar 20, 2002
Madison, Wisconsin
I can't seem to get my FSB over 140 without the hard drive corrupting. (Get an error about Winxp system file missing or corrupted). Lowering it back down to 133 causes it to boot fine again with no harm done.

Is there something I'm missing here? I know there are supposed to be dividers on this board, but where are they? Is this maybe just a quirkey winxp problem?

I really want to max out this RAM, but this durned hard drive problem is holding me back...

For reference, I've tried RAM FSB at both 133 & 166. vdimm Voltage is at 2.65. Timings at CL2.5-3-6-3. No voltage increase on CPU.

Thanks for your help.
Welcome to the forum:)

Are you sure it is the hd? I believe maxtors are good until 160 or higher. The error message may be other things locking up.

Are you raising the fsb and lowering the multiplier?

Also you should try upping the cpu voltage at higher cpu clock speeds, Just watch your temps, I get that message when upping proc speeds unless voltage is upped accordingly.
First of all that is not HD corruption. You are maxing out your cpu, this is normal. The 8k3a and + are having issues with the 166/133 settings. If your chip is unlocked, get the FSB To 166 or above and you will be fine. If it is locked I'm afraid your probably stuck at 133 until a bios fix.
I think I have this same problem with my 8KHA+, if I up the fsb higher than the regular 133, winXp doesnt load at all, just reports some error.