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FSB when overclocking xp chip's?

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Super Speedy Senior
Jan 18, 2003
Has anyone had a problem with getting a fsb to run on a XP chip not barton. For example a xp 2100 will run @ 12x200 with 1.9 volts but want run @ 11.5x209 with 1.95 volt's?

Board's max is 217 so dont say it might be part of my system 100% stable @ 217 fsb.
I wouldn't say that becasue my Kingston PC2700 Value Ram topped out at 209...what memory timings are you trying?...one thing I found out...my Kingston hated the preset memory settings...
Like I said once more nothing is holding me back from 217 stable.

I'am asking a voltage ? here so it has nothing to do with stabiltiy and I'am using buffalo winbond chips pc3200.
Have you tried different voltages...someone posted about a lot of the new Tbreds not liking certain voltages...example: not wanting to post at 1.8v's...but will post a 1.85 and such...it just might not like that 1.95...