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Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
Still I couldnt really get a clear answer on this question:

I am going to go from a Intel 133Mhz FSB mobo and chip to an AMD 100Mhz FSB mobo and chip. And I was wondering if I will notice a difference in speed? eg. Games, Boot Time,or just overall speed?

Why only consider 100Mhz bus for your AMD system?
You could choose a KT133A chipset based board which can use the133bus e.g. a Asus A7V133. Then pair that up with the newer type 'C' T-Bird and get the 133Mhz bus straight out the box or go for a type 'B' T-Bird and run it at 133Mhz bus by overclocking (I assume performance should be identical between these 2 options? - other members comments please).

The differences you'll notice if you go AMD as far as I can tell are:
You'll have a faster system and you'll save some cash!!
Boot-up times should be similar.
Only down side I can think of is the AMD system may be noisier due to extra cooling required compared to the Intel system (AMD chips produce more heat)

My advice go AMD, save some cash and get a overall faster system!

Hope that helps