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Ftp server

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Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
How do I setup one?

I Want it so I can Accues (sp?) Files from the internet, So I do not have to haul Floppys and CD's around. I want it so I cannot get Hacked and so my files are safe.

I have a Cable Internet @ 1.5 Mb

Dual Ppro 200mhz 256 cache
292Mb EDO SIMM 4x64mb 2x32mb

The cable line goes through a firewall/Wireless Router then to my 1600+ and pIII then a Crossover line to a Hub and then to the Pproc

I am typing with the Ppro so i know it can accues the internet.

assuming you have a static IP, it's a piece of cake...

you can keep the firewall up and just allow ftp access through a designated port, then just choose your program of choice, something simple like CuteFTP would work great...
Simple, ok I have the 'let windows configer ip address' on if that is what you are talking about.

P.S. How much do you think a 64mb stick of EDO is worth?
no that's not what I am talking about...

your cable modem is probably an alway on connection, however your IP is either static or dynamic, if it's staic you have a specific address assigned to you, if it's dynamic it changes. The easy way to find out is to go to http://www.whatismyip.com and it will give a number xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx that is your IP, now to figure out if it is static or dynamic, turn off your cable modem, restart your computer, and go back to the site, if the numbers are the same you have a static IP if not dynamic, don't be discouraged if it is different, there is way around that...

once we determine if your IP is static or dynamic, the rest is easy, and I will be happy to walk you through it
If you are going to set up your own ftp server, make sure you take advantage of one of the free dns services.

I use: dyndns but that doesn't mean there are not other providers out there that aren't as good.

If what I just said above is confusing let me explain (otherwise skip this part).

If you want to access your computer remotely you'll have to know it's ip address, or you can use a dns service to "give your computer a name". Basically you create an acccount with the people above, give them your ip address, and then you select a domain name that they own and to which you append a desired hostname. For example, they have a domain called "homeftp.net" which I selected. Thus to access my machine I can simply use mymachine.homeftp.net rather than As you might imagine, its alot easier to remember a name than an ip address. Just think if you had to type in into your browser everytime you wanted to access the overclockers.com web page.

If you want to get fancy and have your own domain name (other than something like "homeftp.net") then you are going to have to pay someone some money.

(sorry if you knew all that already)

As for what ftp server to run, I think that I would recommend warftp as it is pretty easy to set up and use.


It has good documentation that can answer many of your questions, and if you do a google search, I don't think you'll find many exploits for the current version, so it's fairly secure. Plus it's pretty popular so you'll find tutorials and other third-party documentation.

ronin mentioned cuteftp as a ftp client to use to get files from your server... I would recommend smartfp
it is open source and very good.
I did it I di it YA!!!! :D No more hauling floppies around for me :D
So out dated and thay only hold 2mb

The only thing i use them for is a bios flash