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Fuel injection smoke machine

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Feb 26, 2002
I saw a setup using a bong with a showerhead at the top, and a 120mm fan at the bong port. The idea of course was that the water would loose heat to the air in free fall more efficiently since it is spraying the water. And t he fan would help circulate the air up the tower….er bong.

Using that principal and sorta borrowing one from the HVAC book, I might have another idea. What about a fuel injector instead of the shower head? In theory, this should work far better.

There are several areas where problems might prevent this from ever working. The ones I can think of are…
1> May require more pressure to use a fuel injector than the pump can handle.
2> May not pass enough water through the system fast enough…this might could be solved with multiple injectors.
3> Cost…even cheap small injectors are expensive.
4> The water mist may be too light and may be blown out of the bong by the fan.
5> Injector may clog fast to do calcium or oxide buildup or may corrode.

There might also be something else out there that will mist water and have a bigger port than a fuel injector.

So what do ya think? I can’t try this right now. Have to get a bigger house first or dump the girlfriend.
You might want something from a big old diesel truck, gasoline is a lot lighter than water, so you'd have to get the injector for something huge to pump enough through.

I think you need a pump capable of getting about 40psi to use one too. For a Throttle body injector unit, you might need just 15psi.

Yeah, I think the flow will be too low and the spray will be too fine for it to work that good though.

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You'd need 110 .050" fuel injectors to match a 3/8" hose....
Why use fuel injectors? You don't want them opening and closing..
Vapor will blow out the top...
The top of the bong would weigh nearly 50 pounds, and tip over...
A pump pushing that much pressure would be expensive, loud, and a big power hog.

That's just the short list. It would be better to find a fountain nozzle or something like that, or better yet, get a showerhead with a lot of holes (sarcasm, sorry). It gets close to the wet bulb temp now, which is about as far as you can get, so there's only added expense, with little or no return.

*edit* If you have a four cylinder car, geting 30mpg, running 60 mph, your only pushing 2 gallons per hour...my pump/showerhead pushes 2 gallons per minute, so you'd need 60 times the four injectors.

Sorry to sound so negative, friend...but I don't want to see ya go broke on this test!
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No problem on the negativity. Just trying to think of a faster way to transfer heat from the water to the air without a freon based system...AKA refridgerator.

There must be some sort of device that will spray a mist without overloading a pump and have a good flow rate. I did think of a way to contain the mist and still move air through the system. Although, it would no longer be a bong, more of an air lock.
You don't really want a mist, it's no good for what we're trying to achieve really. You want a large number of say around 2mm sized droplets. You need some water left to cool with after all that evaporating :)

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