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Full Load Temps

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Full Load Temps Read last post

Ok I just got my new comp that im going to o/c and everywhere here i see people saying that there computer runs at so and so temp under full load, my question is what program do i use to test my computer under "Full Load"? I have sysoft Sandra right now to view my chip temp ( i know its not as accurate as a probe but its what i got) Easy newbie question.

Asus P4T-E Mobo
Intel P4 1.6GHz Northwood
512mb Samsung Rambus Ram
Switftech MCX 478 P4 Cooler
40Gig Western Digi HD
Geforce 2 Ultra 64mb DDR
CDRW+CDROM and all that other stuff :D
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Aug 29, 2001
any cpu intensive program will do. some common ones are [email protected], Prime95, a looping mad Onion demo, lots of other stuff. heck, just open up your calculator and make it calculate 2342342342^23423465435634566345.


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Aug 27, 2001
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use Motherboard Monitor to keep track of your temps. Then to get full load temps use a program like [email protected] , Seti, Prime 95, or toast. The temp probe that comes on motherboards are usually not that accurate, but they are good for letting you know when something is wrong. (example: if it is 20 degrees higher than usual then you know to check for a problem). Good luck with your new rig:D If you want toast just PM me and I will upload it.


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Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
Grab yourself the lastest version of:

Motherboard Monitor (Believe the lastest version is
Prime 95 (I'm using the Beta 2.2, but the offical is 2.1)

Config Motherboard Monitor with your thermistors under settings, apply the settings, and your idle temperatures, voltages, fan speed etc should all be in the dashboard (Right click the MBM chip in the tray, and click Dashboard).

Usually the temperatures in 20-30 are the case temperatures. 30-50 are the CPU temperatures.

Phase one done.

Now create a folder for Prime95, open it, select "Just Stress Testing." Now in the Prime95 application, you go to options and select "Torture Testing." It'll begin to do some self-testing on your CPU (Fast), then the real test comes, say after 1.5hours of running (Just adding in the extra .5 hours because of the self test, usually it should be only 1 hour), check your temperatures in your dashboard, and that's your full load temperatures.

SETI and [email protected], are the alternative specifically dedicated to science (Seti is search of extra terrestrial, [email protected] is folding protein to get ahead of research to cure dieseases), Prime is very stressful and IMHO the best stress tester. Folding or Seti doesn't get more stressful than Prime.



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Feb 9, 2002
i would get sisoft sandra cuz the temp read outs will be the
same with different programs.

then use [email protected] or p95 and run it for about 15 minutes.
look at your temps and that should be your full load temps. :p