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FX 4350 Fractal T12 AIO tips.

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New Member
Mar 16, 2017
Hi guys.
First of I have to apologise if my question's been answered elsewhere but this is literally my first post and my intermediate system I'm building at the moment will be complete when my first GPU arrives later today. I have 20 yeasts of overclocking behind me now (Cyrix 6X86 120MHz and a 1MB S3 Verge VX GPU). I'm getting on, ok? ;) Is really like some advise on how the chip behaves on a AiO Fractal Kelvin T12). Should I be hoping for say 5GHz? I've got a solid PSU that puts out 62.5 amps and 750W from its single 12V rail. I know this CPU is low end buy it keeps me ticking til I get my new PSU and a 295X2 to enjoy a bit of TriFire with my 290X OC :D But I'm rambling. If anyone could get me some voltage advice across the system I'd be very happy in deed. I'm taking it to a lan party (it's not so young people here in Norway who still do those :) Hence odd like a good running profile up and running soon and then I'll do my own tinkering. Thanks guys.

Love from Skjalg Aagesson, Norway


Apr 19, 2012
Doubt 5ghz with a single radiator 120.1. Would aim for 4.6ghz and go up from there watch the temps. 70c socket max.

FX responds to cooler temps more than anything else. Use the radiator fans in push pull configuration for best results.

Good luck with your overclocking :D


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
Yeah, i have to agree. 5Ghz is a pretty difficult task even with a custom water loop with out ridiculous voltages. I run my FX 4130 at 4.7Ghz with 1.45 vCore on a custom loop. I like to monitor my temps with HWMonitor keeping my Core temp under 63c and the socket temp under 70c. I've always run prime95 for stress testing but the newer versions are just unrealistic so most people are running AIDA64 or Intel Burn Test. I hope this helps.