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Fx 6300 oc question

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Dec 1, 2016
Hi there guys I am new as you can see and have few questions regarding OC I have done today and have been trying few months prior. (FAILED)

So the thing is I own kinda ****y mother board ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX I know it isnt suppose to be for OC at least not large one I tried
because temperatures were low on stock 35c cpu under load longer gameplay or prime95 for about hour 40c CPUTIN never gone above 45.
I tried pushing it to 4.1 but I get BSOD after 30min in prime95 so I reduced clock to 4.0 at this clock it ran prime 1 hour plus no issues.
Regarding cooling I have 2 fans one in front (intake) another from behind (outtake) both 120mm and after market freezer pro.

Ok I got it stable lets say temps are fine under load 4.0 cpu 43c-45c CPUTIN 53-55c. But there is question will this motherboard
brake under it I am worried about vcore because it is set to 1.475 anything under wont do.
Forgot to mention before when I failed on OC I had no fan in the back of case bought it today all temps reduced to those I wrote
before they were about 5-10c more
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Welcome to OCF Demien88 :welcome:

You are right about the motherboard, it's really not meant for something like this CPU and I wouldn't be surprised if it's throttling already. When you're testing it check with HWMonitor free the temps/volts but also the core clocks. Watch them to see if they drop down while under load if they are then you're throttling.
Also I wouldn't be surprised if the high V_Core is because of the stress on the fets already. The warmer they get the less efficient they are so more voltage is needed.
Tnx on response. Yea it was throttling lowest around 1400 but it would rather go back fast. To tell the truth it was way worse before I installed that fan throtilng would cause games to have massive fps drops from 80s to 20s for example and everything would slow down for few seconds then I realized I have to put it back at stock. Now I cant see such behavior in games it is kinda strange. The board says 1.55v is max vcore idk how smart it would be to increase it... What you would do?
By the way even on stock with turbo it fluctuates but not that much largest drop was from 3.8 to 3.5

Edit: So I have set v-core to 1.5 in BIOS prime is runing speeds seem to fluctuate way less temps are the same as they were before under stress.
HWmonitor reports v-core 1.37-1.41. It says its max was 1.48 but never seen it going that far. Should I back to stock with turbo on this mobo
or leaving it like this? I fell it is like gamble leaving it as it is
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If the board blows a mosfet you have an excuse to get a better one.
Nope mobo is intact I reverted it to stock speeds until I get some 990 or 970 board. I dont want to risk any parts with this one. Too much V on rail for such low OC not rly worth it
A bit too late maybe but I solved "issue" with fluctuation of speed it was one pesky option in bios for power regulation... Yea it will work alright on 4.0 but vcore is 1.475 temps are fine because of winter. Idk what to think of this mobo to be honest probably it would crash and burn if used on daily basis with any OC
And motherboard you have is way better than mine... plus you are on water cooling
Nothing major in drops maybe far as I could see it still runs lower than it shows in bios max 1.424 avrage around 1.4 sometimes little below.bIt would be nice to have that mobo
No LLC on that board.
He's doing the right thing with what he has to work with.
The voltage drop is big due to lack of phases of VRM.
Personally, I probably wouldn't push that 6 core much harder in that board......and I definitely wouldn't ever put an 8 core in it.
No LLC on that board.
He's doing the right thing with what he has to work with.
The voltage drop is big due to lack of phases of VRM.
Personally, I probably wouldn't push that 6 core much harder in that board......and I definitely wouldn't ever put an 8 core in it.

That's what I was assuming when he said the drops he was getting. Dot think there is much left in that board given all that has been said.
Tnx on info guys I thought thats normal vcore behavior. Oh well it seems I need new board for any type of OC. Any suggestions around 60-80$ I am not looking for anything mad just so I can go at least to 4.3 without issues.
Hmm then it have to wait that one is even more expensive. Tnx on input I don't want to end up with turd again. Although it was prebuild pc so no wonder something is ****y in it

Any thoughts about this one? Gigabyte GA-970-Gaming idk why but in Croatia some parts are hard to find...
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What you need to do when looking at motherboards for that CPU is research what the boards "power phase rating" is. You don't want to go lower than 6+2. 8+2 is even better. And stay away from the MSI brand.

For instance, google "GA-970 Gaming power phase rating."
I have had great luck with my current gigabyte board, but my previous one was a problem (ga-970a-ud3p w/ phenom x4, wouldn't multiplier OC at all, only one core). Others have had problems as well, so I avoid recommending them based on that. All being said, I am pretty satisfied with my current board. See if you can find some overclocking reviews of that board you posted.