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FX 6300 Overclock

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Feb 28, 2016
Current overclock is at 4.1GHZ with a 1.416 Core voltage. max temperature i have seen running prime95 is 54C on all 6 cores using a Corsair H60 Water cooler. getting between 20C - 30C at idle.
Should i go higher for gaming?

Full specs
Fx-6300 @4.1GHZ
Asus m5a99x evo r2.0
Corsair h60
Gtx 950
Thermaltale smart 550w
8GB hyperx fury memory
Corair h100r
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kaedanc, welcome to the forum. Could you list the full system specs when you get a chance. We recommend 70c max on the socket and 62c max on the cores for daily temps so it does look like you have a but more headroom, so no reason not to try. Though, I do not know which temp Core Temp reads, try using Hwmonitor "non pro" it's the program most of us use just so we can all be on the same page.
Core temps is good Man_D. But it does not display them socket temps! +1 on HWmonitor!!

If this was mine, I'd push for 4.4ghz.

Curious what the memory is running at. Can we have a screen shot of the Memory and SPD tab. You can open more than one CPU-z at a time!

Cooler may handle up to 1.45v, so you can add stability this way probably.

Good Luck! :D
I have edited my post to include my specs, i may push for 4.3 it is my first overclock so im just being caucious.

- - - Updated - - -

Im gonna try and push for 4.3, i will also check my temps on hwmonitor and ill let you know
M5A99X evo.

Kaedanc, when you report back to really see under the hood, so to speak. we need as Shrimpy mentioned, screen shots of the following. HWmonitor under load and the following tabs in CPU z, CPU, spd and memory.
Yep, we need the SPD tab added to those two screenies from CPU-z. The SPD tab displays the manufacturer's recommendations for timings and voltages on the memory at different standard frequencies it is capable of running at.
i have got screenshots of the HWMonitor, and the spd tab in cpuz and memory tab. Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png
Use JEDEC #5 profile if you have that option in RAM bios setting. Otherwise you can set those timings manually in bios. The smaller timing numbers means "quicker" and that translates into better performance.

I think you still have a little headroom for overclocking with regard to package temp. I think you may be able to go up to 60c and still be stable. So give her some more vcore. At 1.42 you are definitely on the low side.

You need to switch to the HWMonitor nonpro version because you will notice that your CPU temp is missing because the pro version is only a "trial" until you throw down money for it. It begins to blank out some values after the trial period is up.

Also, please create a "Sig" with your system information. You have enough posts to do that now. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner of the page. You will find "Edit Signature" about midway down the left side of the page. The Signature allows people helping you to know what components are in your system without having to fish through the whole thread. The Sig travels with every post you make.