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FX 8300 OC

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Jan 21, 2017
So guys, i'm new on this forum and it seems you are pretty helpfull, so i wanna Overclock my FX 8300 to at least 4.2-4.4. I have an Asrock 970 A-G/3.1, i wanna know the Voltages i can use on the OC part, i tryed some but it seems they didn't worked realy well, so i'd be glad to have some help
Welcome, CaetanoBorges.

Not sure about this motherboard for overclocking an FX 8 core CPU but the specs on ASRock's website rate the board for 220W TDP and it has 8+2 power phase components so maybe there is room for a mild overclock. You may not get all of what you want, however.

We need to know much more about your hardware before we can give advice.

What are you cooling the CPU with? Stock cooler, Wraith? Aftermarket? Make and model please if Aftermarket. Really good cooling is essential when oveclocking the FX line.

Make and frequency of memory. How fast do you have the memory frequency set to in bios? If you want a good overclock of the CPU you will likely need to limit the memory frequency to 1866 mhz. The AMD CPUs have a fairly week memory controller.

Make, model and wattage of PSU.

What graphics card are you using?

And very importantly, tell us about your case. Make and model. How many case fans are installed and how many are intake and how many are exhaust? This has a bearing on keeping CPU and motherboard components cool. 8 core FX CPUs draw huge amounts of power and produce huge amounts of heat.
Before doing anything list your parts so you can avoid issues all of them including case fans if you have any

Here is what I would do. Get decent cooling 2 case fans at least tops 4 with one intake rest exoust depending of case ofc.
Next will be undervolting your cpu yes undervolting to reduce vcore or it will spike out and cause extra heat that you don't need, keep in mind that you have turn off all
power saving fetures, also set multiplier to default clock disable turbo when doing such things go one minus at the time and use IntelBurn test to check for stability also something like
HWInfo for temps. I could run at 3.5 on 1.220 instead of default 1.340.
When you find your min voltage start with increasing multiplier, when you get crash of any sort, BSOD error on INtelBurn increase vcore by one and start test again, keep going untill your temps are at range that you want, I think for 8 core are around 62c not sure check that out. Also if you notice huge climbs or drops in vcore or speed (200mhz or more less then 100 is fine) use LLC try with each setting of it, I think Medium should be fine. Idk have I forgotten anything Remember when increasing multiplier your system must be stable, also when increasing anything go ba one + not more.
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