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FX 8320 and a GTX 1080 Bottle necking?

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Dec 15, 2014
Front Royal, VA
I must have the Ultimate CPU and MOBO. No bottle-necking issues at all. Games run at 50 to 60 FPS all day long (it dips every now and then) but so far no issues.
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I got the "Golden Children" of Mobo and CPU's, I've run this girl up to 5.0 Ghz and she still held on and didn't get hot. And yes it's validated.
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I can guarantee you the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU, I gained anything from 50% to 80% fps increase in games from a 8370 4.7ghz to a 6700k 4.7ghz on my 980ti (which is currently bottlenecking my 6700k)...

Other then that congrats on the 5ghz :)
Congrats on 5ghz...

Hey man, please feel free to take a look at some game reviews over at techspot.com. You will find many titles where with the same video card, be it a 980ti when they used it, or a 1080 in its most recent reviews, the amd chip was frequently behind the intel based system. It's not in all titles, it's not much in some, it's a lot in a few... but make no mistake about it, it's real in many titles. Also worthy to note, with a 1080 you are getting a ton of fps so a few or several % bottleneck isn't going to make much of a difference when you are sitting at 100fps. ;)

Here's an example...http://www.techspot.com/review/1267-battlefield-1-benchmarks/page4.html

That said, gpus don't bottleneck cpus. Cpu allows the gpu to run at its potential. Cpu doesn't help it along much unless you are driving lower res than 1080 and a monster card.
Isn't bottlenecking the correct term when one of the components is faster then the other so that one of them has to stop and wait (always heard it used on CPU/GPU) ?
Those Triple Samsung monitors are not limiting the GPU FPS that much running 5760 x 1080p, you should see higher FPS than 50-60 with a GTX 1080.
Isn't bottlenecking the correct term when one of the components is faster then the other so that one of them has to stop and wait (always heard it used on CPU/GPU) ?
Yes, however it also implies there is a slow down. If you have a low end card, it's not slowing down the CPU in any way. Sure, the cpu may wait for information from the gpu in those cases, but it's not slowing down l/holding back the cpu. Whereas the other way around, the cpu is stuffed full of data, yet the gpu can offer it more frames, thus limiting the gpu. :)

Edit: didn't notice you were running multiple monitors...good eye wingy! Any bottleneck will be less at that resolution... but I bet it's still there. ;)
Hey, I like the way you think. Like I said, for what I have and no issues.......... No stutters, no nothing. just fast and smooth! But, I've not overclocked anything either (GPU).
I guess it supposed to be like that when you pay so much for a gaming hardware ( at least in theory ).
Okay, well now I'm thinking 8370 Cpu. Damn you all! lol

- - - Updated - - -

Okay, here's my thought. If I buy the 8370, should I set my rig back to default, swap out the processors, and I'll be good? Or am I gonna have to work at this?
As far as i know both the 8370/8320E got some hardware tweaks over the original 8320/8350 (others say their just better binned), you might find some older review that will tell you exactly what. As Mr.Scott said they seem to overclock a tad better in general, my 8370 did 4.8ghz ~1.42v. Never pushed harder because i don't have the cooling for it :rain:
I would start to think how to sell cpu+mobo not losing much and move to new AMD ( it just has to be much better than FX ).
Thank's guy's, I agree. This thing runs smooth as silk at 4.7, 4.8 and never gets hot. I can do 4.9, and 5.0, but it' worries me to keep it up that high all the time, and 5.0 was pushing it (it's validated) but why burn it up. I do get better than 50 or 60 fps on most games, it fluctuates. I'll save my money until the time comes. This MOBO and chip have been good to me. No issues, and rock solid. I did good with this Air 540 (I modded it), and the Noctua D15 cooler was a bonus. There is "AIR EVERYWHERE!", and blowing in all the right places...............
You all have a very merry x-mas!