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FX9370 upgrade problem

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New Member
Jan 15, 2020

I have a ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 mother board currently running an fx-6300 core with:
(4) 4GB memory DIMMs, all the same type:

DIMM # 1
SMBus address 0x50
Memory type DDR3
Module format UDIMM
Module Manufacturer(ID) Corsair (7F7F9E0000000000000000)
Size 4096 MBytes
Max bandwidth PC3-10700 (667 MHz)
Part number CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9
Number of banks 8
Nominal Voltage 1.50 Volts
EPP no
XMP yes
XMP revision 1.3
AMP no
JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency
JEDEC #1 6.0-6-6-17-22 @ 457 MHz
JEDEC #2 7.0-7-7-20-26 @ 533 MHz
JEDEC #3 9.0-9-9-24-33 @ 666 MHz
XMP profile XMP-1600
Specification PC3-12800
Voltage level 1.500 Volts
Min Cycle time 1.250 ns (800 MHz)
Max CL 9.0
Min tRP 11.25 ns
Min tRCD 11.25 ns
Min tWR 15.00 ns
Min tRAS 30.00 ns
Min tRC 50.63 ns
Min tRFC 260.00 ns
Min tRTP 7.50 ns
Min tRRD 7.50 ns
Command Rate 2T
XMP timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-CR @ frequency (voltage)
XMP #1 6.0-6-6-16-27-2T @ 533 MHz (1.500 Volts)
XMP #2 9.0-9-9-24-41-2T @ 800 MHz (1.500 Volts)

2 graphics adapters:

Display Adapters

Display adapter 0
ID 0x1070107
Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Board Manufacturer 0x196E (0x1380)
Revision A2
Codename GM107
Core family 0x117 (GM107)
Technology 28 nm
Memory size 2 GB
Memory type GDDR5
Memory vendor Samsung
PCI device bus 1 (0x1), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
Vendor ID 0x10DE (0x196E)
Model ID 0x1380 (0x1380)
Revision ID 0xA2
Performance Level 0
Core clock 135.0 MHz
Memory clock 405.0 MHz

Display adapter 1
ID 0x1090308
Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
Board Manufacturer GIGABYTE Technology
Revision A1
Codename GP108
Core family 0x138 (GP108)
Technology 14 nm
Memory size 2 GB
Memory type GDDR5
Memory vendor Micron
PCI device bus 3 (0x3), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
Vendor ID 0x10DE (0x1458)
Model ID 0x1D01 (0x3767)
Revision ID 0xA1
Performance Level 0
Core clock 139.0 MHz
Memory clock 405.0 MHz

And LSI-9260 caching raid controler.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 240mm, Dual ML120 PWM Fans, Intel 115x/2066, AMD AM4

Cooler Master V1000, Full Modular 80+ Gold Certified 1000W Power Supply, 5 Year Warranty

ASUS says this motherboard supports the CPU and the DOCs say it supports 220W processors.

The system works fine with the FX-6300 chip, but I need a faster core. Replacing the motherboard to get to Ryzor/intel is not an option.

When I install the FX-9370 core and boot the system, it begins the post and then before I get to 'press del or f2 to enter the uefi firmware' it shuts off.

I have cleared the bios before installing the FX-9370.

I have reseated all the boards/adapters. I have removed the LSI-9260 adapter and each graphic adapter one at a time and tested booting/

I have checked the pins on the chip and made sure my thermal compound has not shorted anything. I have checked for proper seating of the chip in the socket.

Putting the old chip back in and the system works.

My next step is to return the chip. Before I do that, does anyone here have any ideas?

Thanks for reading/responding!
Power or heat problem. Totally common on FX9xxx.
You don't have enough mobo or cooling for that processor.
Thanks for the response. That is where I was at. I will simply write off this chip from future consideration.
that board will support the chip, it just can't feed it the juice to push on it and the cooler is too small for an 8 core fx chip.
if you are looking for a faster chip and not replace your board or cooler, look for a used 1090T or 1100T these are actually better chips, fx was a step or 4 backwards.
Try taking out half your RAM to reduce the load on the CPU's IMC. If it will boot after that, go into bios and increase the CPUNB voltage a little. Those 9xxx FX CPU were huge power suckers, even at stock. They were essentially overclocked FX 83xx CPUs and they were a bust. Most people could not get them to run in a stable fashion even at stock. Motherboard power components and most cooling solutions just could not handle them.
That 9370 is probably asking for 1.5v stock ….. possible heat issues an 8370 would have been a better choice though I doubt the gain over your 6300 would be worth buying a new chip, reduce your ram by two sticks …. like trents said might help.
Thank you all for your suggestions. After spending tie reading about the challenges of this chip, I have decided to return it. A friend that works at AMD and knows the person who test the cooling there. According to the person who tests the cooling, they thought I had more than adequate cooling. So, that fact that people with field experience disagree makes me uncomfortable.

I am disappointed that a motherboard that says it supports this chip cannot source the power to it. ASUS even indicates explicitly that this motherboard supports 220W processors. And since it is no longer in production, there is no point in perusing this.

At this point, I am looking at other processors.

Again, thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience.