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G.SKILL Announces Revolutionary RGB Lighting DDR4 with Trident Z RGB Series

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Ooh, *wants*

What kinda price premium are we looking at though? I was tempted with plasma ram from another company but I never did overcome the price premium in my head to pull the trigger.
Going back to the plasma ram as an example, when I last looked it was getting on to double the cost of ordinary ram (at least in smaller capacities), and I had to question seriously if I wanted to pay that for some lighting. I hope LEDs are simpler and cheaper to implement.

On that note, something to research but are there limits to voltage and power taken by modules? LEDs have forward voltages of 2V upwards, so can they get that directly or would they have to voltage convert? If the latter, I have to then start wondering what current limits there may be. On the plus side, LEDs don't take that much power regardless. At least, not to produce a glow. We're not trying to light an entire case with these I hope.
These look neat! Hopefully we will get a set to test. :)

Press release says sticks to be available mid January, 1 month, with software to follow after that.
Nice for color coordinated custom builds.

Had a set of the LED Ballistics back in the day.

They were enough to give you a seizure ............lmao
I really liked the LED ballistics. I did a build for a friend with those right about the same time I joined here. A 2500k
I just saw this in stock. 2x8GB kit 2400 speed for £135. That's just under 30% price premium over buying cheapest kit at same capacity/speed.

Edit: higher speeds are available! 3200 isn't much more. 3466, 3866, 4133 if you keep throwing cash in their general direction.
I'm trying to order one of these kits for over a week. All are listed, nothing is in stock. One of my orders was already canceled because store isn't sure when it will be in real in stock. They said that there was mistake in distribution.
In what store do you see them available ?

I see only 2400/3200/3600 kits available on Amazon ( one store in UK ). All other kits are marked as pre-order. Still these that are available cost ~20% more than listed price in Poland.
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All kits listed in stock at time of writing. I have not had problems with stock indication with this company.

I'm trying to control myself... I don't need it, but it looks so pretty... :) I haven't researched yet based on comparing timings with non-RGB kits, but I'm guessing the 8GB modules will probably be single rank thus for my needs to match my existing 3200 DR kit, I'd need to look at 3866 kit to break even in performance and I have concerns about absolute stability at such high speeds. Plus, I recently moved to a D14 and one of the fans overhangs the modules so I wonder how the cooler works with a single fan, or maybe I could move the fan elsewhere? Or put it in a different system... #firstworldproblems
I really didn't need this. I have my case lighting, my mobo lighting, and my graphics card lighting all coordinated to a nice pale blue in my case. Now G.Skill has me thinking it isn't enough, my RAM should be the same "Ooooh! Pretty!" pale blue. Damn you, G.Skill! :bang head
The rgb's dont change a thing (timings/rank) since it's on the heatspreader. ;)

That's what I'm hoping to make use of! I don't know the rank configuration of these modules, but I could relate it back to the same timing non-RGB version as indicator. I don't know about the Trident Z series, but certainly on the Ripjaws V, the slower latency models at 3200 for example are dual rank (I have such a kit), but the newer tighter ones are single rank which would be a huge drop in performance for me. I expect the trend is for 8GB modules to go towards single rank, and I'm not paying for 32GB!
I get access denied when I click your link. Still I think it's available like in other stores as all larger have exactly the same internal product numbers and product naming scheme.
Anyway I will wait till I have them in local stores as ordering them from other countries will cost me 20-30% more.

All kits with profiles like 3000 14-14-14, 3200 14-14-14/15-15-15, 3600+ 15-15-15/16-16-16/17-17-17 and probably all others 3600+ too are on Samsung B = single rank with 8GB modules, dual rank with 16GB modules.
3000 CL15+, 3200 CL16+, 3400/3466 CL16+ can be on dual rank Samsung D/E.
I guess that RGB is not changing anything except heatinks design but there is 2400 CL15 kit which I have no idea what has under the heatsinks.
3200/3466 are listed as 16-18-18-38-2N so chance of 2R then? :) I'll aim to verify timings separately from the seller listing in case of errors.