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FEATURED G.Skill Trident Z 2x16GB DDR4-3200 CL15 - F4-3200C15D-32GTZSK

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Jan 2, 2005
Today I have 32GB dual channel kit - G.Skill Trident Z 2x16GB DDR4-3200 CL15 - F4-3200C15D-32GTZSK
It's new Trident Z series in black/silver heatspreaders which is based on Samsung IC as probably all new Trident Z memory kits.

Here are couple of photos.





Memory has one XMP profile: 3200 15-15-15 at 1.35V. My motherboard has no issues to run at XMP settings and it's even setting a bit tighter sub timings than we can see in the timing table. There is also one interesting thing about timings but about that I will tell later.

Here are results at XMP settings with i7 6700K @4.2GHz ( CPU/cache ). Test motherboard is ASRock Z170 OC Formula.


These settings are pretty good as after OC I haven't seen big performance gain. Only DDR4-3600 at CL14 is showing visible differences in benchmarks.

Below is also 6h+ AIDA64 memory+cache stability test at XMP settings:


Here is link to front page review.
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Overclocking Results

3333 15-15-15 1.35V

3600 15-15-15 1.45V

3600 14-14-14 1.55V

Other expected settings ( maybe will add later ):
- 3000 13-13-13 1.35V
- 3200 13-13-13/14-14-14 1.35-1.40V
- 3466 15-15-15 ~1.40V ( failed longer stability test at 1.35V )
- 3466 14-14-14 ~1.45V

For some reason AIDA64 SPD window is showing 0.02V higher voltage than it should be. BIOS reads 1.35V, AIDA64 1.37V. The same is at higher voltages while 1.20V is correct. It doesn't change much but wanted to mention that in case if anyone had any questions.

I couldn't set higher clock than 3600 ( maybe couple of MHz more but I didn't check higher bclk ). What is interesting, I couldn't make this memory boot at CL16 ... 16-16-16/16-17-17/16-18-18. On the other hand it's not a big lose as it runs at higher clock at CL14/15.
At 3200 should run without issues at 14-14-14 and 1.35V. Maybe even 13-13-13 ( will check that later ). I couldn't make it run at 12-12-12 and lower voltages ~1.35-1.40V.

I will try to add some more results soon.

It's a first time I had a chance to test Samsung 16GB modules and I'm not disappointed. I saw couple of reviews where max OC was about 3333-3400 and more relaxed timings while I could set 3600 CL14 without issues ( still at higher voltage but it can ).
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Looks good Woomack, I like the pure black look too.
It's black / silver :D ... on my photos looks "blackish" ;)
Hello Woomack,

May I ask some question about the 2x 16GB F4-3200C14D-32GTZ kit cause You dont test it right now.
I see how You push the 2x8 kit of these cl14 kits to 4000Mhz what is insane and very good job.
Do You think that it is possible to OC my mems to like 3800 for 24/7 with cl like 16 or 17? i want the best bandwith with the best possible latency.
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All depends on the platform. If you have some luck then 16GB modules can make 4000 CL16+. Typically can make 3600 16-16-16 1.35-1.40V. G.Skill 2x16GB CL14 and CL15 are based on the same Samsung IC so the kit that I had was actually the best possible. G.Skill simply set it at 15-15-15.
If you have Z270/Z370/Z390 motherboard then you can count on 3600 16-16-16 or 3800/3866 17-17-17/18-18-18. 4000 will be hard but can be possible too. Here a bigger problem can cause your motherboard or memory controller. I guess you won't know till you test it.
3600 16-16-16 is usually optimal as it doesn't require high voltages, can still run it at command rate 1N and sub-timings are not hard to set. Most motherboards can handle that without issues.
I have the regular red/black/gray version: G.Skill F4-3200C15D-32GTZ

It's been hard Overclocking it (even betting XMP profile working out of the box) on a Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming + i9 9900k, so this post has been super useful.

I have been able to get good results with 3333 14-14-14-32 1.45V (VCCIO 1.200V, Vagent 1.250V).
I'm glad to see that my reviews are helpful .. thanks for stopping by :)