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FRONTPAGE G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 32GB DDR4 4000 Review

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Nov 1, 1998
G.Skill recently released a few new special kits of DDR4 that feature super-fast XMP profiles and including one that is dual rank. Within the enthusiast PC community, there's been a whole lot of buzz about dual-rank memory modules and how they offer superior performance for some benchmarks and games. Simply put, this means there are ICs on both sides of the memory PCB for better interleaving and thus better performance. We reached out to G.Skill and they sent us their new dual-rank flagship product, the unbelievably fast 2 x 16 GB 4000 CL16-19-19 Trident Z Royal.

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Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
Nice looking memory there but G-Skill really needs to get their pricing back down to earth. Every series comes out more expensive than the last but I guess people are willing to pay it. :shrug:


Beamed Me Up!
Jun 9, 2013
Won a set of these in a contest. Your overclocking results are virtually the same as my own. Review is spot on.
FWIW, I gave the set away to another W9 member. He'll use them more than I would.


Sep 15, 2004
Nice! But the lights do get tiring after awhile.. And yes they were a bit expensive. I ended buying another set that weren't Royals but rated @ same speed and timings for like $60-80 cheaper. But.. QVL on both ends said they would shake hands so I keep telling myself I paid for no headaches. I hit 2000 with ease as well. Waiting for a cooler so I can kick it up a notch..