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G.Skill +++

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Oct 11, 2004
3 miles east of hell
Upon building my system almost a year ago I found I couldn't use the 3rd stick of a 6gb kit. Vowing to work on it more later.. I was more worried about having a usable computer at the time and stuck it in my parts drawer. Last week I stuck it in a slot and the thing wouldn't post. Tried a different slot.. still no go. Decided the stick was bad and emaild for an RMA #. Had one the next day and mailed the ram. 6 business days later I had a new stick in hand.

Thats awesome customer service.

They look even better when my computer still wouldn't boot with the 3rd stick.. took one out.. stuck the new one in.. worked fine. Apparently I have some type of mb issue (that I'm currently trying to solve..) that is making atleast 2 of my ram slots to not work.

So they RMA'd a perfectly good stick without question and were happy to do so.

They can consider me a loyal customer for the foreseeable future.


Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA
They've given me good service in the past, but unfortunately right now they aren't looking too swift to me. I emailed them around Wednesday to RMA a kit of bad HZ DDR2 ram and haven't heard crap from them yet. That's pretty much unlike your experience I believe. :(