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G3258 overclocking issues

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Jan 19, 2016
Ok, so my build is complete. Running the g3258 on water cooling. My goal was to see 5ghz or as close as possible. Well it's far from. The highest I can get it(stable) is 4.5ghz and 1.36v. Ran prime95 for 30 minutes with zero errors. So I bump it to 4.6ghz.. Won't even boot. What the heck?!?!?!? They claim you can get 4.6 on this chip with the crappiest air cooler. What am I missing. I dislike the msi uefi bios.
Is there some dumb thing I should have known to do or a setting that has to be disabled? This just seems really odd; please help!
That voltage and speed sound consistent with mine. I can only get it going better if I really push the vols or get it good and cold. You may be able to get a little more out of it though. Can you post a screenshot with the cpuz main tab as well as the memory tab open as well as some sort of utility that will show your different voltage settings like hwinfo or such. We will be able to better help you with a little more info, also what is your uncore set at?
I'm not going to lie, I am very inexperienced with overclocking. Most of the settings are still on auto. Currently I tried 4.6 again and now it won't turn on and not freeze long enough for me to remove this current settings..
Ok so it finally booted up long enough for me to change it to oc genie and reboot.
I have it back to 4.5ghz running fine. Currently running prime95 again. It's staying steady at 1.360 and a bus speed of 100mhz multiplier of 45. During prime it's sitting at 51°C so heat isn't an issue...
What other apps can I get to see more info to help. I also don't know how to screenshot (I'm actually technology illiterate)
Hit prtscrn on your keyboard and then open paint and use the paste command to get your screenshot.

Hwinfo64 is my personal preference for monitoring temps and voltages.

Have you read any of the guides for overclocking on the z97 platform.
Well with some more tinkering I got a stable 4.6ghz at a not so savory 1.408v at 58°C. I still don't understand why I seem to be hitting a wall so soon. Like I said 4.6 should be cake on this chip with an air cooler and I'm cooling just the cpu on a 360x30 and a 240x60...
I tried two different ones and neither of them wanted to go fast. 1.55v to run Cinebench at 4.8 and 1.6v for SuperPi mod at 5.0. Just luck of the draw in the silicon lottery
I lost at the Silicon lottery :( but honestly, is 1.55 and 1.6v even safe if temps are decent? My overall goal was a stable 5ghz
For this CPU I'd have to say no. It's OK for short periods maybe but 24/7 at 1.6v would surely shorten the CPU's life. It would likely just die one day.
I run my daily oc at 1.3v under water would not feel comfortable much higher than that. Sorry I missed your post last night. Can you run hwinfo64 again with the sensor tab open and get a screenshot with p95 running so we can see the voltages under load. I know my g3258 goes screwy if I leave the uncore multiplier on auto when oc the core multiplier. I wonder if this is happening to you.
Ok under the msi bios what is the "uncore" called? Because it really seems like everything is on auto except the core voltage I have to adaptive at like 1.38 and under load goes to 1.408. I want it to be stable, like 24/7 stable but I also want to squeeze every single ounce of performance out of this chip..

I am right in saying that my temps are not the reason for the wall right?
Maybe? I hate the msi bios. I've always used asus and asrock boards but got an awesome deal on this z97 gaming 5. I honestly have no idea how to maneuver this bios and I really feel like in doing something terribly wrong causing all these issues. I'll try to take more screenshots tonight

i think this is what you were looking for? thats with prime95 running in the background. its technically running still while im typing this without any issues at all
So best I can tell ring ratio=uncore multiplier. With that in mind I would back the core multiplier down to 45. Set the ring ratio to 35. Set the ring ratio voltage to 1.1 volts and the vccin voltage to 1.9 volts. Then try to back the core voltage down and see how low you can get it while stable.
Now being the noob I am, will bumping the ring up and the vccin and ring voltage up get me the ability for higher stable core clock or will that just help in "performance"?
Ok so I did that and tried bringing the core voltage to 1.3 and it blue screened at at 4.5ghz. Didn't really get stable tI'll 1.34/1.35 range. And at that point running cine bench I had worse performance than the 4.6ghz with ring and voltage how it was..