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GA-7ZMMC S3 Savage ProSavage Win98SE MESS UP

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Oct 31, 2001
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hey guys,
listen, i'm on my friend pc and we're having a big problem... the video is screwed beyond belief... all i can get out of it is 16 colors... yuck... ok, here is the deal, the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7ZMMC F5 and the graphics chip is the S3 Graphics Inc. ProSavage i've tryied to update the drivers... I've tryied to update windows... i've removed the drivers... but still nothing is working, everytime i reinstall win98se it goes to 16 colors, but i have the menu for 256 and high bit 16, but once i select them the system asks for reboot and is back to 16 or i get a black screen and no signal to the monitor... i'm stumpted, any idea???

I had exactly the same problem 2 years ago on one of my old systems with the same card----savage4.

It's a drive problem. The drive on the CD come with the card isn't going to work. Even you manage to fix it(i mean it can go 1600X1200 with 32-bit color with that drive), you still will not be able to use openGL.

The solution is here,



Download the 200kb Web GLSetup v1.0.0.121


Download the 88MB monolithic GLSetup v1.0.0.121

(just download ONE of above)

After you finish downloading, do NOT get off the internet, and just install it while online. (those things above are NOT drive itself, it will find the best drive for you online, so you HAVE TO install them while online)

After you install them, the problem will be fixed.

BUT, do NOT be too HAPPY!!!

Even the savage4 will work perfectly after you do the things above, but....

try the 3DMark2001,

i am sure you won't be able to get above 700 points even with a good CPU.

I just tested that old system i used, 565 points on 3DMark2001 with default setting.

But you can overclock it with "s3tweak".

try it here

savage4 card's default setting is

engine clock -------125.4MHZ
memory clock-------125.4MHZ

I tried s3tweak, the max i could get was

engine clock---------155.4MHZ
memory clock--------170.0MHZ

you need a good cooler, OR your screen will lock up! I tried that, with it runs at 155.4/170.0, the card will turn super HOT!!! It won't last long before lock up if you don't have a cooler.

After I overclocked that savage4 to its limit, the score in 3DMark2001 went up to 804 points. Not too bad COMPARE the 565 points before.

You may be able to get higher points if your CPU is fast.(the CPU on that savage4 system is PIII 733MHZ@825)

Tell me if you fixed it.(savage4 is a garbag card, i highly recommand you upgrade it to something else better. Anything else is MUCH MUCH BETTER. I cannot believe such a garbag card still have market after 2 years!!!)
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Thanks for the suggestion, but here is the thing, it's a built on VGA card to the GA-7ZMMC motherboard. So I havn't overclocked it at all... It's not my pc... But my friend was leaving his pc on over night and it must have lost power, because when he woke up the screen was all messed and in 16 color... that's where i stepped in and tried to get the new drivers from the gigabyte website for the board and still got nothing... it's currently set at 640x480 in 16 color... and i can't change it without rebooting, then i'm back to where i started from... but i will try your suggestion adn see if that helps...