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Gainward GF2 450 Golden Sample or Leadtek GF2 Ti

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Dec 24, 2001
Sacramento, CA
What would you propose is better. A Gainward GF2 450 Golden Sample or a Leadtek GF2 Ti? A friend of mine recently got a Gainward GF2 450 GS for $96 from a computer show while other GF2's by Leadtek were being sold at much higher prices. Do you think he got a good buy?


Jan 9, 2002
Las Cruces, NM
Go to pricewatch and look at the Inno3d Geforce 2 Ti for about $85 shipped. It comes with 5ns Ram and should overclock to 275/460 or so. I have a Gainward Pro 450 and it hits 240/468, and still costs more. I had an Inno3d Geforce Pro and the 2D quality was excellent, the 5ns Ram on that card hit 460MHz without ramsinks.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
GF2 Ti's

The leadtek card has 4ns ram, which should clock above 500. Just look at mine @300/535, it's in the sig. I think the ones without TV-out are less than $100 now, while ones with TV-out are about $115. I know Skip was selling one in the classifieds that's hardly been used for $110 shipped (within continental US). The leadtek card needs ramsinks, but at least you know it has good thermal paste on 'em if you do it yourself. I just used cheapo radioshack sinks ($6) for mine. I'm sure it could do better with big ramsinks.

IMO these cards are neck and neck. The Gainward comes with cooling gear, the Leadtek with hardware-monitoring. Both have high quality 4ns ram.
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Dec 18, 2000
Peoria Ill
I got my Gainward Gf2 Ti450 for 97 bucks, and it has 4ns ram.
Runs great at 221/515 with no artifacts at all.

If you got a couple of extra bucks, I got a Gainward Gf3 Ti450
Golden Sample card for 168 bucks from PowerUp a couple
of weeks ago. It also has the 4ns ram, with heatsinks on it.
Got it at 544 right now, but I think it will go higher !