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Games in Flash??

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Are you my Daddy?
May 28, 2002
Sector 7G
I have seen on the net these Flash "Games". How is these work?

From what I am guessing, you make an action in the timeline that links to a Javascript/C/C++/etc. source??


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2001
The flash games are all done in flash. Flash is interactive, thats why you can make games in it. Notice how they are all pretty simple though.


Sep 10, 2002
Dallas, Texas
they can be very complicated! You can use flash animations as clips inside other flash "games". You can actually do a lot with this and I'm working on a little something now. It would be quite easy to make a Flash RPG.... (hint. hint.)


Feb 17, 2002
I have the "Who wants to become a Millionare" game made using Macromedia flash. And wow it looks real!


Sep 30, 2002
Karachi, Pakistan
Your only limit and boundry is your imagination, i can say that for Flash, truly an awesome software, yes there are few limitations because its a vector based program,

Penguin Flash have a programming language of its own refered as Action Scripting, works some what like C coding not very hard to catch on

Most you will find yourself loading/unloading movie clips on certain actions (can be keyboard,mouse or generated by update of some declared variable) and other kewl stuff

I haven't tried making a game, but yes i did made a CDROM based Information Kiosk in it, now people may say that director is the software to use for creating cdrom based applications but please don't laugh no matter how hard i try i can't understand director, flash was very easy for me to pick and learn (plus its damn addictive)

Matthew i think if you are investing your time in learning some software in the long learn it would be a worth while investment