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games skipping (cpu too hot?)

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Jun 3, 2001
I just upgrated to PIII 700E processor and overclocked to 980mhz, by changing the bus speed in my bios to 140/140. I'M using the fan and heat sink that came with the PIII 700E and have 2 case fans for cooling. It runs fine but sometimes when playing games like superbike 2000, it will skip (kinda like it wants to freeze but dosn't) for a split second, but not all the time.
I have a asus cusi-fx motherboard with integrated video, sound and network card. My memory is 128/133 which 16 of it is being shared by my video card. The max. temp. when playing games is 45-48 degrees celcius.
Does anyone know why it's doing this ?
Is that temp. too hot?
For an Intel CPU that temperature is EXTREMELY high! The most your P3 cpu should run at is around 40-42 C! What kind of cooling do you have on that thing, you really should get something better so that it last longer.

However, I kind of doubt heat is the reason for the stuttering in games. This sounds more like a graphics card issue. Maybe your graphics card is having trouble with your out of spec AGP setting. Make sure you have your AGP set to 1/2 your FSB speed and not 1/3. Also, check to make sure you don't have any conflicting drivers installed on your system. Finally, if your video card is overclocked, make sure that it is getting cooled adequately (although generally an overheating video card will result in graphical errors on the screen).

Definitely get some better cooling on that CPU. I don't think that is the cause of the stuttering, but it certainly can't be helping anything. Also think about improving your case ventillation a little bit, by adding a few more fans to it.
Thats sounds more like harddisk swapping. It could just be tapping into your windows swap file causing a slight delay. Some people solve it by running there swap file size Minimum and maximum at 2.5 times there ram. Also are you running Cas 2 or 3 ram? That could make a difference. You could also try going into your system properties and changing windows role from desktop pc to network server. Window manages your memory better with this setting.