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Games You've Beaten: 2022 Edition

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Finished Dyson Sphere Program three times but only completed one Dyson Sphere
Guardians of the Galaxy
Planet Crafter to the end of the early access content twice
Also, replayed Subnautica and got pretty far into Satisfactory but not all the way to the end.
Two more games passed and somehow I doubt that anyone here even knows what it is :giggle:
- Lost in Random (about 20h to pass the story)
- Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (about 5-6h)

From the somehow long list of Xbox Pass games, I pick things like the above (or in my last posts). I don't get why but most other games feel boring and I feel like I saw it many times before. It's like people don't have original ideas anymore. When I was buying Xbox then I thought that the Pass service has so many games, but a lot of them are like 1->5 versions of the same, like all Halo, Gears, Bethesda titles, 4 or 5 Final Fantasy, etc. and we already have 20+ games. Multiple pretty average Xbox360 games that I doubt anyone even touch. It's not like Nintendo that older games are still fun and deserve refreshing.
I have it on my list and looks like something interesting. I guess I will try it soon.
I have it on my list and looks like something interesting. I guess I will try it soon.
I highly suggest you have someone specific who wants to play it with you, as it is a co-op only game. The absolute best co-op game I've ever played though, you cannot play solo.
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition / XBOX, finished yesterday.
Nice game, but some places were very annoying.

@ATMINSIDE, I forgot to answer. It Takes Two is very nice but as you said, it requires 2 players. I made my brother to play with me for a while but he didn't want to finish it. Anyway, the game is clearly worth recommending.
Beat a first playthrough of Rogue Legacy 2 over the weekend, on to the NG+ levels to continue with it