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Jul 18, 2001
Moscow, ID
I've got about $200 to invest in a video card. I need a card that will hopefully be good enough to last me awhile. I'm going off to college this fall and I am NOT going have the money buy anything for it. I'm looking at a ge3. Any suggestions?
Well a GF3 is a very nice card, but AFAIK I dont think 200 bucks could get one. I would suggest either a Geforce2 Pro64 DDR, or a Kyro2 for much cheper then the Geforce2 :)
Yeah, your probably not gonna find a gf3 for anything less than $300. (If u do find a place with gf3's for 200 make sure u tell us!) I'd say the gf2 pro64 or the Radeon 64 would do you fine for a while longer.
Check www.pricewatch.com, I think u can find the gf2 ultra for just over $200.
Nevermind....pricewatch FUBAR Has it listed for $150 till you check and it is something else.
Try the Geforce 2 Ultra card, it's only for a few bucks more ($205) than you plan on spending and right now is tops.... next summer, when the prices are lower, buy the geforce 3.
newegg.com has the gf2 ultra for $212, it's a few buck more but they are suppose to be a very reputable dealer.
When do you leave for skool? If you can wait a few weeks the price of the ultra will probably dip down below $200.
Actually, Geforce2 Ultra cards recieve higher FPS until you get into resolutions like 1600x1200 32 bit color, fsaa 4x. HAHA