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Geforce 2 GTS Prob...

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New Member
May 25, 2001
I have a quick question the tech at Dell could not answer...why the hell won't my geforce 2 gts (32mb) run at 4x AGP...my motherboard is capable of it but why wont the card do it...

my pc is a 800 pIII...384 mb of PC133...
you have a Dell computer? Then the mobo is from Dell. Are you sure your mobo supports 4X AGP? Did it say that on the label when you bought the system? mmm.. if you can, try go into the BIOS and look for the AGP setting.. to see if you can enable it. It maybe set at 2X by default or maybe not.. Im not sure. That's the only way I know.. Im sure the others can come here and help you further.. good luck