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Geforce 2 MX detonator drivers issue(s)

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Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
I have had little or no problems with my new Leadtek Geforce 2 MX DH Pro card, have it overclocked 205 cpu 210 mem with no artifacts and relatively smooth gameplay. I tried the newest drivers, detonators 7.58, 10, 11, and even 12. All of them ran with the card and 3d marks were good, but not an improvement. However, I backup regularly with Norton Ghost and when I ran it, would give me a "hit alt+enter to display properly" which brings me to a blue screen with vertical green lines. I can ctrl-alt-del out and back to windows 98se. The only drivers that seem to work in dos mode are 6.5

Is anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions?

750 PIII 100mhz FSB
256 MB generic 133mhz RAM
20GB Maxtor
30GB Western Digital
Leadtek Geforce 2 MX DH Pro
Soundblaster Live
Intel NIC
Teac VeloCD 12x cdr
Creative 12x DVD
Windows 98se DirectX8.0 Detonator 6.50 drivers
*best 3d Mark for all geforce 2 MX with 750 PIII (3775) on madonion.com

Must Go Higher!
have you tried backing your card down to the defaults before you run your backup? Worth a shot.
WillysNut (May 11, 2001 12:01 p.m.):
have you tried backing your card down to the defaults before you run your backup? Worth a shot.

I will give it a try. i was hoping that someone else may have encountered this sisue and had the quick answer, though (silly me!)
I ended up trying all combinations mathmatically possibel, ended up reinstalling the original leadtek winfast drivers included with my card and got a 3829 3dmark score at 205/210, 3661 at 175/166 (default). No strange blue screen with Ghost. I guess this is the best I'll be able to do until I scrap my whole system at year end and go geforce 3.