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Geforce 2 mx oc help

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New Member
Apr 8, 2001
I'm pretty new to this "overclocking" technique and I need some help on how much I should overclock. I have a Hercules 3D prophet 2 mx 64mb card with the Detonator 10.80 drivers, but I have a low end system: P2 350 mhz with 64 mb ram. I'm just wondering how much I should oc in the hardware tab of my card properties, especially if you have a "low end" system like I do.
You may want to run 3dMark (or your favorite 3D video benchmark) with your system as is and then overclock your MX and run it again and see how your scores increase. As you said, I suspect your processor will be the limiting factor.

I have that same exact video card with a default of 175/183 MHz. I've done some cooling mods, but right out of the box you should be able to bump up the sliders 10-20 MHz depending on your case cooling, etc. Start out by overclocking both the core and memory in 5 MHz increments and then run some benchmarks or your favorite 3D games to check your results.
i have a celeron 333, the limiting factor is not the processor but the AGP port, mine is running at 83 MHz and it is alot faster
As Most Deaf says, fsb ocing will help as it ocs all of your system. If your mobo allows you to do it, try adding 10MHz or so to the fsb (whatever your system will take) - ocing your cpu, memory and the agp port will help loads. If you then oc the graphics card a little on top of that you should see a nice increase of a few hundred 3DMarks. Of course, if you don't see much of an improvement then your cpu is holding your GF2 back, and you need to upgrade it (just ocing it won't help).
Like the new pic, Cork. What happened to your Tbird box? too cool for it now?

When I first got my Powercolor 32 MB MX card I didnt see a wholelot of improvement no matter what I did to my setup.... never cracked higher than 1306 on 3DMark2K. If you notice you're not getting a lot of improvement, it probably is your CPU holding you back. Maybe memory, but I doubt it. Get a nice little celery 600 on a slocket and OC that bad dog and you'll see a noticeable improvement,

I have two CPU's in my home, one is a p3 500mhz, 128mb ram, voodoo5 5500 AGP which produced a score of around 2500 on 3dmark2000.
the other is a P4 1300cl gamers pc,128rdram pc800,
geforce 2 mx.which produces around 7500 marks in 3dmark2000.
its definetly processor related