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GeForce 2 or 3?

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New Member
Jun 12, 2001
I don't really know a lot about video cards. Should I spend the extra money on a GeForce 3 or just buy a GeForce 2. Are the 3's that much better?

I really havent heard 1 bad thing about the GF3 yet. So my advice to you...If you have the $$$, definately go for it.
There is a link to a 7 card GeForce 3 review on the front page of overclockers.com.

You may want to check it out.
From the 7 benchmarks from the front page, it pretty much boils down to two factors: what sort of color depth do you want (16 or 32), and how much are you willing to pay?

The GeForce 2 Ultra outperformed the GF3 at 16-bit color, but got spanked at 32-bit. And naturally the GF3 will be more expensive than then GF2U, but I'm not sure by how much. The GF2U was still pretty expensive last I looked, but I wouldn't doubt it's price will drop with the release of the GF3.
I just got a GeForce 3 from Best Buy for $359 (open box) by Visiontek and this thing rocks. I also have a GeForce 256 DDR 32MB and Radeon 64MB VIVO and there is really no comparison in speed and visual quality.

The system I currently have it on is a bit of a bottleneck for it (P3 700 not overclocked), but I'm upgrading to an IWill KK266-R and Thunderbird 1G @ 1.4 in a month so it should kick some major ***...I can't wait.

If you have the cash go for it. It should last for a long time considering it's totally programmable to support future texture and shading styles.
Yep! GF3 Rocks !! I have a Visiontek also.
I get 5700 points in 3 mark 2001 scores.
Tribes 2 Looks Awesome! All games seem to have better colors, better looking graphics period!
I had a GF2 GTS 32mb before this GF3. No comparison, GF3 blows it away!
i agree with the guy above me.
i previously had an MX GeForce 2
and although I only get 5200 marks in 3dm2k1 the FPS and quality in Serious Sam is stunning...and it's a DX7 game.
I also see VisionTek getting REALLY rich off of there GeForce 3...more rich than Hecules,Gainward and Asus.

No complaints here