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Geforce 2 sandwich cooler

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New Member
Apr 7, 2001

OK I am sure you have all heard about the new Thermaltake Blue Orb. This little puppy was designed in mind to cool videocards and the motherboards. Well I am of course using a Thermaltake Golden Orb on my PIII which idles at 75 degrees overclocked 150 mhz, so I was very pleased with the performance of there orignal. SO I thought what the hell I will buy the blue orb for my Geforce 2. Well I got home and anxiously ripped out my Geforce 2 card. First thing I did was put it in an anti-static bag and then place it in the freezer for 15 minutes to make the retail thermal paste contract as much as possible. Then I got a butter knife and put masking tape on it to protect the GPU in case I slipped, and I slowly wedged it in there and POP it snapped off. I then got some wet/dry sandpaper and went to town lapping the GPU (use caution). After perfectly lapping the GPU I got out the thermal paste smothered the GPU in it and slapped on the blue orb. I used the pins that they gave me to secure it to the card (simple push though pastic pins). Perfect it looked beautiful! I was eager to find out if it worked, SO I ran upstairs and plugged this MOFO in. I booted up the computer and let me say WOW!!! After running quake 3 for one hour the geforce 2 got to 120 usually, but with the blue orb it stayed around 100. Well..... as I did a feel test on the orb to see how the heat was transferring I noticed something, the top of the card completely opposite the GPU there are 3 small rectangle things that appear to be attach through the card to the GPU, these were extremely hot!! So I pondered for a little while and got an excellent idea, why not use the stock Geforce fan on those? Well it just so happends that Thermaltake is nice enought to supply you with some thermal tape in case you don't have the holes on your card to use the pins. Well I sanded down the stock geforce fan and got it nice and smooth. I then put the thermal tape on it and then carefully positioned it on top of the Geforce card (remember it directly on the opposite side of the GPU) and I pressed down firmly and it held like glue. This really gets hot!! I was amazed at how well the heat was transferred from the GPU to this crappy heatsink/fan combo (remeber to plug the fan back into the pins on the videocard you have to go around the card near the AGP port to do so). Well I again turned on the computer anxious to see if the temp dropped at all with my in genius sandwich cooling combo. I ran Quake 3 for one hour again and to my surprise my card temp was no longer at 100 but actually a little under 90!!!! that is freakin amazing!! I would recommend everyone to get a blue orb and to sandwich your card like this!! I have no complaints and I am nothing but esstatic. That is a near 30+ degrees drop for 10 dollars!!!!!!
Interesting post. Welcome aboard, CumineO'clocker! Looks like this is a worthwhile mod. I thought that only the original GF's benefitted from cooling the back side of the Vidcard. Wrong again.