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Geforce 2 Ti Problems??!!

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Jan 29, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
Here's the scoop,

I tried to improve the cooling on my card. I added a nicely lapped Corb with AS3 and a couple of Thermal Take ramsinks with AA Adhesive. The card started to go real buggy. I got artifacting and and screen locks and on several occasions the BSoD saying file TDI.sys caused the fault.

I assumed I might have gotten some AA adhesive on the ram connections so I decided to remove everthing and put the stock HS/f back on. The ram sinks with AA adhesive were quite easily removed usiong the freezer trick. I noticed I had some AA adhesive on the ram connectors (I thought to myself this must be the problem!!). So I carefully removed all traces of AA adhesive from the ram chips and connections. I carefuly used a fine point instrument, a toothbrush and alot of alcohol. I got the thing as clean as possible. The ram connection are completely free of any AA adhesive. This took over an hour of carefull work!!

I cleaned off the GPU placed the proper amount of AS3 and put the old HS/f back on. I installed the card and started getting BSOD indicating the card was in and endless loop. I took the card off, continued cleaning and ensured that the card was perfectly dry. Installed the card again and bingo I got a post.

I used the machine for a few minutes and again I am getting artifacting and eventuall screen lock ups. It takes a while for this to happen. I really think it is a heat issue at this point because I touch PCB on the back of the GPU and it is very hot to the touch. I no longer get the impossible posts and BSOD's I now just get a slow increase in artifacting to an eventual screen lock. If I restart right away I get immediate artifacting and lock up. If I let the card sit for awhile (IE cool off) It gain takes longer for this process.

I am tired of trying and want a solution to keep this card cool as the stock nor the Corb is obviously not doing the job. Maybe water coolng is the way to go. Maybe I will just go out and buy a new radeon 8500 and be done with this.

Solutions? advice? Could I have permanently damaged the card? Is there still ram connector shorts?

BTW it doesn't help if I underclock the card, the eventual heat problem still kills it. I don't think I can install the HS/f or Corb with any better technique than I have. I have given up on the ramsink Idea.