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Geforce 2 ultra cooling

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I got a geforce 2 ultra and I've noticed that the back of the card where the cpu is on the opposite site gets rather toasty i want to add some sort of heatsink to it, but its a little square area surrounded by like little transistors or something so i just cant attach a regular sized heat sink, im curious if one of those little tiny copper memory heatsinks fit in that space, i dont wanna buy them and then have it not fit and i cant use them...if anyone has worked on a geforce and cooling that little backside spot of the cpu let me know
backside cooling

I bet you could stick a heatsink on the back if you used thermal tape. You'd need something between the sink and card that doesn't conduct electricity.

I just run the fan that came out of the stock heatsink on the back of my card.
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BTW, what are you getting in 3dmark2k1? You should join the Overclockers 3dmark Team and compete with me for the top Geforce 2 spot. Check out the link in my sig and our sticky in the video/sound forum.
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Why beef up the cooling if you're not OC'ing the card? It'll live plenty long the way it is at stock settings.

C'mon guys, I need GF2 Ti's/Ultra's to compete with. Someone shut me up and rub my face in it by beating my 3dmark scores and knocking me outta 1st place for Geforce 2's on the Overclockers 3dmark team.

I dare ya! C'mon and get some!

BTW, my default everything 3dmark score was 4998.
OC Team

Yep, in the sticky. Guidlines are mid-way down the 1st page. Send scores by email to Malakai or myself. Updates to the site sometimes take awhile. And the site is not always up, but that's because we're beefing it up.
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ill run a dry run, but i gotta dx8.1 and ill install my volc6cu+ on the card!, no memory oc for me, only 333 core!

um saw your specs, and you will dominate, but ill put a good fight

CyberFed said:
dont make me o/c the card and dominate you in 3dmark!!! :D

Up to you.... I'll be sitting in the number 1 spot :D until someone gets nerve enough to knock me down. You have the processor power to beat me I think, but I've got some cooling, cpu, and memory upgrades coming soon, so I'll put up a good fight!:burn:

And besides the joy of some friendly competition, the 3dmark team also puts the word out on Madonion that we Overclockers know our stuff! And our database of scores and tweaking info might be useful for people buying or OC'ing cards once we get a lot of members.
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what all are the settings for 3dmark?, i attained only 4351 with default but 1024x768x16... sometins fishy... i have a creative labs annihalator2ultra... board rev. a
p.s. what os you using?
heres my comp with the cards spec.
A7N266E [email protected] 512mb 286mhz OCZPC2700 Creative labs x-Gamer 5.1 win2k
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When you open 3dmark, its automatically on the default settings, so don't change anything. 1024x768x32

I actually got 4344 for my totally default score with the manufacturer's driver, but with an updated detonator driver at all default speeds and settings I got 4998. Then I overclocked to get an additional 1221 points!

I'm actually taking a break from 3dmarkin' because the temps in my house are too hot. But I'm waiting on upgrades and moving my desk to a cooler location, so even if you guys do beat my score, <Smiles Wanly> I'll come back and stomp you back down the ranks in a few weeks.:burn:

I've been using Win2k pro to bench. But I have Win98se (dualed)and WinXP home (not installed yet)as well.

OKCFunky, we've got almost the exact same specs for video performance.. cpu's at very close speeds but I'm a bit slower, same ram but you've got twice as much as me... let's see how your card compares to mine.

You can find my compare url's by clicking the link in my sig to the 3dmark Team page and looking in the database's Geforce 2 Ti section. Or you can search on Madonion for the best Geforce 2 Ti scores with an XP cpu- I'm in 11th place currently.:D
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wow i didnt even know we had a team, well when i get home a bench ill be in first as my gf2 pro gets 5551. that is like 500 points over the #1 score for my card. And that is at 1530 mhz tbird, now that my xp1900+ is in teh mail i will be surpirsed ifi dont clear 6500. o and pc3000 memory shoudl help since that is in teh mail also.
3dmark Team

By all means, join up. We could use a few good men (or ladies). Any card... but Geforce 2's are especially welcome since those categories have been lacking in competition. The team is pretty new, so join up and let's fry some Madonions!

You'll find guidelines for scoring, labeling, and submissions mid-way down the 1st page of our sticky or in a thread titled "The Overclockers 3dmark Team challenges you to beat our scores"

Welcome to the team one and all!
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ive been runnin some old det drivers hows this for old 23.11
um, it seems i have to redo cooling or something, its artifacting and hard lockin at 280/500, it runs fine at 250/500. I had to forgo my volc6cu cooler, didnt have wiring on hand to hold in case superglue didnt hold. currently using stockxp1800 hs with volc 6 fan. Im gonna reapply as3 to it,
Whats some good ram cooling?
p.s.i dont want it to end up like my gf3, rip in gf3, you did good at 300/600
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Keep it cool!!! I couldn't get my core above 255 for the longest time, with the stock sink or the blorb. Then I made the SLorb and it did much better. I usually don't go for suicide scores unless the room temp is at or below 72F. I'd like my card to live a while yet...

I use plain, cheap aluminum ramsinks that I purchased at radioshack for $6 total; there are better ones out there for sure. I have an 80mm generic side panel fan for the AGP and PCI cards. Be careful attaching ramsinks because some thermal pastes can kill your card if it leaks onto the "legs" off the ram. I use scotch tape to mask of the ram chips before applying sinks. I also use Arctic Alumina to be safe. If you use a silver paste, use it sparingly... its better safe than sorry. Just my tips of the day!

23.11's pretty good for performance. I've had good luck with 27.20, 27.52, and 28.32. www.guru3d.com has all the detonators you could ever want.

Gee, I'm being awful helpful aren't I? Must not be too worried about getting beaten, even by Ultra's... And that's the way of our Team- we help each other out. Cool your card if you want to catch me!

I'd suggest trying a different driver then. Beta's don't always work well, and different drivers work better for different cards. Also, don't push your core speed too much. Memory and FSB are where most of the gain in score can be had.