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geforce 256 32mb sdr

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Feb 17, 2001
my geforce card was getting to hot and my window was about to crash(fuzzy screen) so i took out the card and cleaned it up and glued really really big heatsink(size of cpu heatsinks) and old 3dfx cooler fan. I used to get 1100 in 3dmark2001 but now im getting only 500
my games are running fine , getting same fps as usual but 3dmark2001 went way down please help
Have you been getting bad score after you changed the HSF on your vid card? If so, that is strange... the Heat shouldn't cause the benchmark score to go down like that. Be sure you have some good thermal pad, greese, or best of all, the Artic Silver epoxyyyyy.. That will do some serious temperature cooling. And if you still have problems with the 3Dmark 2.1k, then if I were you, I would just reformat HD, reinstall Windows and start all over because many times that solves most of problems.
If you have problems with 3DMark2001, but your system otherwise runs fine I suggest just uninstalling 3DMark and not worrying about it ;-)

I don't put much stock in the results of the 3DMark benchmark and there's really no point in reinstalling Windows just to get it working (unless that happens to be your "game" of choice I guess ;-)).