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Geforce 256, 32mb SDRam

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explorer (May 14, 2001 03:57 p.m.):
How high can i expect to overclock my Geforce 256 with 32 mb of sdram with 4x agp?

How long is a bit of string ???.. I have a 32 Mb Elsa Gforce 256 overclocked and modified to display as a Quadro, I currently have the core speed @ 170 however it is possible to clock higher, but benchmarks have clearly shown me that gains after this speed are not really available.
I would however suggest good cooling for the Gforce 256 as its CPU gets fairly warm and if the card has a fan that draws its power from the graphics card relocate that as well.
Duron 800 @ 1050 with Global Win FOP-32 (140 x 7.5)
Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo
512 mb (133 mhz Crucial Stuff CAS 2)
Hard Drive Cooler
Elsa Eraser X2 Gforce with Blue Orb (modified to display as a Quadro and overclocked http://www.tweakhardware.com/guide/quadro/ )
Sound Blaster Live Value
Full Tower with 5 (120 mm) case fans with seperate PSU
I have a Innovision GF256 which supposedly had 6ns RAM but the card has a default RAM speed of 150 Mhz. I once tried to OC the RAM and couldn't get much more than 170 Mhz. Theoretically you should be able to do at least 166 Mhz with 6ns RAM.

Don't bother trying to OC the core. It won't help. Its all about memory bandwidth on the Geforce cards.
I have the Elsa Erazor X, too. As you posted, the GPU's on these Vidcards get HOT. If your warranty on the Elsa is already expired, I suggest removing the ADDA miserable excuse for a fan from it. I replaced my ADDA stock fan with the tallest 40mm Sunon fan I've ever seen. This puppy moves nearly 9 cfm, which sure doesn't sound like much! However, I think the ADDA moves less than 3 cfm. There's a big difference!

GF 256's suck power through the AGP slot, big time. Unburdening the AGP slot from the current drawn by the GPU's HSF is a good idea.

The truly brave remove the stock fan AND heatsink from their Vidcards, and replace them with beefier hardware. I can't spare my GF 256. If I rip the top off the GPU while trying to remove the stock HSF, all I have to replace it are a TNT2 Vanta and V330. Ugh!
With my Gefroce 256 DDR (winfast) there was no ripping involved the stock HSF used a spring clip. I replaced it with a gorb and it works great. If I go above 160 I get artifacting in 3dmark2001. I have the ram clocked at 333 but I still have some head room there. I also did the quadro hack but I used dip switches so I can swich back and forth. I think I was getting better stability in GeForce mode. Im going to do some testing tonight.
See sig, default cooling. I don't leave it there though, when its overclocked and the comp shuts the monitor down it wont refresh when the monitor comes back on and i have to restart. Im going to try to get some better cooling on it soon.