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Geforce 256 CDR and Asus P4B266-C Can it be Done?

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Apr 1, 2002
Ivory Tower, Fantasia
Geforce 256 SDR and Asus P4B266-C Can it be Done?

I am curious as I read that the P4B266-C has the AGP LED to prevent the powering up the system with a 3.3v AGP card. If I am not mistaken my ancient Creative Labs Annihilator SDR may be a 3.3 volt AGP card. I know this is an old GeForce board by today's standards...but It has been a very reliable Vid-card for me. I would think that the AGP issue would only be if you wish to run the board at 4x AGP speed. Is there a way to set the Mobo to 2x compatibility mode? Most older AGP cards ran at this mode and since my current Mobo (Abit BH6) doesn't support AGP 4x, I wouldn't notice the difference either way.

Anybody actually tried this combo and had it not work...or work..or anything?

Any advance would be great as my Asus and P4 1.6A are ordered...but not yet here.
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You need a video card that runs off 1.5 volts as opposed to the 3.3 your old card needs, it shouldn't make a difference what AGP speed you run that card at, it's still gonna want 3.3 volts to run which this motherboard won't be able to supply it.

So...in short...I am screwed. Well...then after I get all of this...I will have to wait several months to scrape up the dough to get a slightly newer Vid Card. I was afraid of this. And unfortunately...Uncle Sam didn't give me enough to compensate fo the Video card. Oh well...my 300A has been going this long...a few more months I can handle...hehe..


Yes....it can indeed be done!!

That's right...even a low end GeForce 256 SDR will run in this beast I now I.

P4 1.6A running at 2.269 (140FSB) 1.65v

Horrible 3D2001 scores however...only a 2569 at default benchmarks. Gotta blame my old GeForce for that...

Still...it hauls enough *** for me!