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Geforce 256 ddr expectations

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Apr 4, 2001
I just started overclocking my Geforce 256 ddr. I have a gorb mounted to the gpu. Ive already gotten it up to 150Mhz core and I was wondering what I should expect as a cap. I ran the q3 timedemo for an hour and its running fine. I havnt yet oced the ram. My theory is to get the gpu up as far as I can then set it back to default and go for the ram seperatley. That way I can see what my max is on both. I will be installing ram sinks as well.
What to expect.... Thats a question thats hard to answer the rest of your system such as the port, bus speed effect and overall system temprature can effect the performance of the card.
I personally run my Gforce 256 (ELSA ERAZOR X²) on a 4x AGP port over 170 Mhz core speed with no problems, however according to benchmarks gains start to deminish a little before this so why clock more . The RAM sinks im not to sure about as my ram never feels hot and stability is not a issue.
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hehe Im glad to hear you say that actualy because I just hit a wall at 168 Mhz. Still runs fine but I get some artifacting. Im just going to back it down to 165 and call that good. Now its time to oc the ram :)

Ok I checked out that quadro thing and I am very good at soldiering. Do you think it was worth the risk.

Im going to bring it up to my friend that has a geforce 2 mx
Well it depends what you use your PC for, while there are no gains to be gathered in general Windows use I did obtain improvements in photoshop and 3D Studio Max.. However it also allowed me to run more detail in Quake without a loss of frame rate, so for me it was a good modification.. Another good thing about this mod is that it can always be undone but its worth remembering that it screws your card guarantee
DDR memory is meant for overclocking, be sure to share your results.

You should get some impressive frame rates with that overclocked. Be sure to hack it into a Quadro when you have the time and patience, it's a 50/50 shot you'll improve the card drastically.
I did the quadro hack and I am workin on over clocking more. I think i might have loosened my video HSF durring the pocess becasue I cant over clock quite as much as I could before. Right now Im at 160 core and 306 ram but Ive just started to oc the ram. Im getting some texture fill benchmarks and such to try to stress my ram. Just to let you know I did the quadro hack with the dip switches so I can change back and forth. As soon as I can I will post some comparisons. I was able to play cs at 1024x760 with 4x FSAA and get arround 50-60 fps.
With my CL:AP I get 163MHz core and 333MHz mem no probs. Good luck.
ok for some reason when I switched to quadro the program I was using to overclock wont work. Can you recommend an overclocking utility.