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Geforce 2mx low score!!

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Mar 11, 2001
I have a Jetway Geforce 2mx. I must have tried a thousand different drivers, but still I only get a 3dmark2000 score of 2600. And only a 3dmark2001 score of 850. I dont think this is normal. I have an Abit KT7a motherboard and a duron 600@1000 (10x100). I can oc more but want to get gfx card sorted first. Please could soeone give me an idea. Thanks,

You should be able to get close to or over 5000 in 3d mark 2000.
Check that your agp is set to use 2x or 4x in the bios and your agp apeture is set to 64 or 128.
If all is well there look for a update if you have a via chipset.
If thats all set then try using nvidia drivers if you are using different ones.

Look thru this page for many aswers to GeForce problems.

Make sure you have all your drivers installed correctly - Via 4 in 1 installed in Turbo mode, Nvidia drivers, correct version of DirectX. If you want to run 3DMark 2001 you should be running DirectX 8.0 or 8a and an Nvidia driver or 7.XX or later. Also, see T3D for a guide on tweaking your memory and bios settings. I'd also try running your Duron at a higher FSB if you can, say 7.5x133 instead of 10x100.

Hi thanks for the replys. I have looked at that site many times but cant seem to find the answers I need. I have tried loads of drivers. nvidia versions 6.35 6.50 6.92. I have also tried the Jetway drives but still the same. I am using directx 8.0, and agp aperture size is set to 128 and have tried at 256 and 64. AGP is definitely set at 4x and I did install the via drivers in turbo mode. Dont know what else to do. Any more Ideas????

Try Enabling AGP FastWrite and see if it goes higher. Also, check the memory NS and see if it at least 7 NS or faster. I know my old Savage4's memory is only 8 NS and it is very slow, like 1683 in 3DMark2000 and only 583 in 3DMark2001! The memory speed certainly has something to do with the performance.

Usually, generic card makers tend to stick with the slowest possible memory speed, which is 8 NS. And if that is the case, the card performe really pooer. Good brand or major card makers don't want to ruin their reputations, so they use faster memory and thus we harvest the better performance.
Is it maybe something Im missin with the 3dmarks 2000 setup. Should I change any of the setiings cos they're on default at the mo.

If it's Nvidia Drivers you want then surf you're way over to... dangerous dog.com and click on nVidia Drivers. I use v10.80 on my Prophet II MX 64M (nVidia GeForce II MX 64M)
good luck....
OK. Im going to try to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them all (for the 10nth time). Can someone tell me the perfect way to install the nvidia and the via 4in 1 drivers. Maybe thats the problem. Thanks,

rick106 (Apr 24, 2001 03:26 p.m.):
Can someone tell me the perfect way to install the nvidia and the via 4in 1 drivers.

If you're only concerned with AGP performance, and you already have had 4 in 1's installed at some point, install only the AGP component of the 4 in 1 and install it in Turbo mode.

It could be Dx8 doing that to you, I know I experienced the same problem a few months ago. My 3D Prophet II MX usually sat around 4900, when Dx8 was installed the marks went right down(2650 most times)however this was one of the earliest versions did that to me, maybe a newer one is better I don't know. At that time, I formatted my HDD installed win98se and DX7 and everything was back to normal.

Stupid me, just tonight I installed Dx8 again forgetting why I got rid of it the first time. I'm going to hold my breath when I try 3D Mark 2000 later.
ialso got a score of 2600 in 2000 3d mark

i just brought a hercules geforce II MX 64Mb and i tryed ut in d3d but i get freme rates of 10 and open gl runs really bad two but Quake 3 runs fine ive tried all drivers and every possible download to do with ut and d3d and geforce but it stil **** any ideas????

please help email any thing and every thing to (fix prob any way)
[email protected] thanks
I'm running AMD 950 OC'd to 1.05 G, Asus A7V133 MB, Asus V7100 Geforce 2 MX 32 MB (with BORB) OC'd to 220/210. I get 2437. With no OC, I get 1937. Try disabling all background programs using the System Configuration Utility in Win98SE.
have u tried installing GART/VxD in standard mode?
concerning about VIA chipsets this is definitely one doubt. my V7100 manual says VIA chipsets cant support GART in turbo mode and it recommends to install it in standard mode. ive tried both and actually the turbo one seemed to be better - nothing happened about stability. talking about that, did u enable the CPU L2 ECC Check on BIOS? i personally strongly prefer the ECC to be enabled.
im getting some problems with my GeForce2 MX too. When large texture surfaces got to be rendered (playing NFSPU) the image gets some "steps" on processing. i think that could be because the "FastWrite" which i cant find where i should enable it once my BIOS has not this feature.

Intel Pentium III 822MHz
Micro-Q PC133 128MB /137FSB
GeForce II MX V7100 210/200
VIA 694X Chipset
Maybe you can change your Video Memory Cache Mode from UC to USWC, it can greatly improve the display speed by caching the display data.
Make sure your display card supports this feature, otherwise it might not boot.
I think all new cards support this feature, mine does (Asus V7100/T GFII MX).
note:partial copy of my MOBO manual.

PIII 733@814
3DMark2k 4765 (V7100 not O/Ced)
3DMark2k1 2062 (V7100 not O/Ced)
ive tested mine on 3dMark2k using both the USWC and UC and the last one scored a bit better. that could say only two things: first the VC supports USWC but takes not a good use of it or it just dont support it (nothing about stability issue was noted). have heard as the "fastwrites" the USWC video cache mode cannot be effective in some cases..
3dMark2K = 5210
3dMark2K = 5210, is that with default settings?
A friend tested his GFII GTS on my system but he scored 6000+ (don't know the exact score, didn't write it down, I think it was about 6200)
Can you try it on another system?(your 2nd or a friends 1) if not,
bring it back.

Good Luck
Default clocks on default test / 3dMark2k = 4528
210/200 = 5215

FastWrites disabled.