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GeForce 2MX400 64mb Numbers + tweaks

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May 24, 2001
NY where the cows out number the people
Well. I said I was going to work on improving my 3Dmark scores on my GeForce card. Here's what numbers and tweaks I'v been trying to improve that score.
(all scores in 3Dmark 2000)

My initial score with out tweaking was a 4483.

I then added NvMax to give myself more "buttons to push" and more toggles to switch.

I added intel compatibility and got a score of 4445
As you can see that didn't work, LOL.
So I turned it off.
Ran the benchmark with just NvMax running and got a score of 4470 ok.....

I then clicked the check box for Nvidia support
Got a score of 4481 mmkkkk

I then got mad and overclocked the chip a little to see how much of an affect it would have on the chip.
Core 180 memory 170 score 4545 weeeee....ok

Maybe there's more somewhere else ???? yah, bios

Here I found settings for on chip video window size 32/64 and AGP aperture size 32/64

When I did the above tests They were both set to 64mb

I decided to change these around a bit to see what would happen.

onchip video window / agp aperture size

at 64/64 score 4504
at 32/64 score 4503
at 32/32 score 4511 and 4591
at 64/32 score 4491 4489 4493

Don't know what's going on here. If you look changing the onchip video window size made no difference at all. Maybe someone can explain to me what that setting is so I can better understand it, I have no idea what the onchip video window size is or what it should be set to for my 64mb GeForce 2mx 400 card.
You also notice that changing the AGP aperture size did make a small difference but nothing huge. The larger aperture size seemed to give higher scores.
I'm out of ideas for tweaking this card.
I think that the only way i'm going to see any real gains form the card is to overclock it.
If anyone has any other ideas on what I can tweak on the card please let me know. And if someone could explain the onchip video window size and AGP aperture size settings to me so I can better understand what they do I would appreciate that as well.

Thanks all that have helped before and continue to help. I'm going to beat this card, this fist fight isn't over yet.
You have been busy. I've been doing techno remixes lately, so I have had no time for tweaking...

You're still where you started. (hell, that makes 2 of us...:))

Gotta get some gremlin traps for your case.
I think radiation might kill gremlins so I'm going to try putting my computer next to the microwave for a few days?? Hey pinky, if you want we could start our own club and call it the "What is wrong with my GeForce MX" Club hehe, we could be like the ghost busters only we hunt for GeForce gremlins.
As for being busy it's been slow here at work and I got a chance to bring my system in to work on it here. God I love getting paid to play with my puter. hehehe
zoopa_man (Jul 06, 2001 11:15 a.m.):
God I love getting paid to play with my puter. hehehe

I'm in a similar situation, but I think they'd have an issue with me bringing my rig in to work on it... with the case fan(s) I'd hardly be able to hear the callers....

I'm debating whether I'm going to build another new system. i can get the money (credit) but dunno how willing I am to go into debt.

I think my problem right now is in inferior processing power. I suspect a newer CPU/motherboard will resolve these issues.
Well, since you look like a Intel man, not an amd boy, You can always do the Intel trick and go with a cheep celeron until you can afford a better PIII.

I had to upgrade and got a gigabyte GA-60XM7E board and a PIII 733 It works great for what I do with it and has room for Overclocking. Then only thing I would change is to get a 100mhz FSB chip insted of the 133mhz chip I have now. That would give me more room to OC, some day maybe I'll get a 900mhz chip with the 100mhz FSB and go for the Gig mark !! Woooo gives me chills thinking about it. But to tell you the truth 733mhz is dam fast enough for me, Programs load in a heart beat compared to my old 500mhz system form before. But like you said, money makes the world go-round. If you have any questions I bet you know where to ask, I'll be here to help you find something good....better than the GeForce Mx anyway LOL die evil gremlins DIE
The slowest I'd be willing to go is the Ultra, but I think for the extra bucks I'll just get the Gefroce 3. I'm going to a computer show tomorrow, and depending on the pricing, I might pick up a new vid card to be used later on in my new build... we'll see. This will be coming out of my pocket instead of debit, so I am a bit reluctant to drop $350 on a video card (hell, a P4 1.7ghz is that much).
Hate to spoil your spending fun but GF3 cards might go down after the MX cards come out. This is just speculation but if you want to save a few bucks you might want to wait until next months computer show. I'v been chewing on the same idea though of getting a new GF3 Ultra. From what I'v read you need to go with the one with the fastest ram timings. Or the Hercules for it's cool red colors !!!!
zoopa_man (Jul 06, 2001 01:07 p.m.):
From what I'v read you need to go with the one with the fastest ram timings. Or the Hercules for it's cool red colors !!!!

Good advice. I'm like a kid in the candy store at a computer show.

Hercules can bite my bum.

Putting a racing stripe and spoiler on a Maverick doesn't make it a sports car. Personally, I keep my case closed and other people's noses out of it! :)
Hehehe, good philosophy..... MINE

I too am like a kid in a candy store at the computer show. I'm considering going to the market pro show in Rochester this weekend. I've got to see if my buddy wants to come with. I need to get a new full tower case to hack apart, my super mid tower isn't big enough any more. If not rochester then defenately the show in syracuse. It's usualy a bigger and better show then the market pro ones.
Well, $300 later, here's the newest figures:

3dMark 2000


3dMark 2001


I am please to say that it's a drastic improvement from the 3500 and 1570 scores I had with the dual celeron 550 setup.

I'm using the 12.00 detonators. I will try the later versions when I get the geforce3 in a few weeks.
Swweeeet man. Sweet. Glad to see you stayed with Pentium. With the 7.5 Multiplayer you should be able to run some where around 150mhz bus to give you 1125 That's not too shabby.
I can't wait to see your GeForce3 numbers. I was looking at them, drooling, looking at my credit card, looking back at the card, drooling some more, and then saying....nawww I'll wait until the MX cards come out and hope they lower the prices some. Then I'll look, drool, and BUY BUY BUY whooooo. Can't wait
I suspected the CPU/mobo were the cause of my issues. Also, I found out (through some serious tweaking) that running windows 2000 as an ACPI machine increases its efficiency and benchmarking. When I changed mine to a standard PC, my results were about what they have been in the past (poor at best). Naturally I reimaged and was right back to good ole fashion kicka$$.

Next stop, drool-ville and Geforce 3.
AGGgggGggg GeForce 3
*whipes drool form fingers to type*

Looks like the Asus and Visionteck get my votes. A lot of people are buying the Visionteck but For me the Asus comes with a ton of goodies, games and 3d glasses for your dog to wear. (My dog loves 3d glasses)

Anyway, maybe i'll try that trick on win ME just for the fun of it. I'll set it up as a server just to see what flips out. At worst we'll get a spectacular fireworks show folled by the blue smoke of death !!!!! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the idea.
hey!!! i want one of those geforce 3 too........but man.......they cost too much....while all u guys have the bucks to buy the card, i m stuck here with a few pennies in my pocket.....and my crappy geforce256.......ehhehe
pinky you can score higher than that with some tweaking my g-force 2mx 32 mb sdram gets over 2700 oc,ed a little@210/200.it has the quadro software hack to an mx 400 but that isn't supposed to affect scores,is it?
~(-=->sky<-=-)~ (Jul 12, 2001 12:53 p.m.):
hey!!! i want one of those geforce 3 too........but man.......they cost too much....while all u guys have the bucks to buy the card, i m stuck here with a few pennies in my pocket.....and my crappy geforce256.......ehhehe

That geforce 256 was my first good vid card (sorry voodoo fans, I don't count my 3000 :))... for now you're golden, it won't be for a while that the geforce3 is going to be required. I'm getting it because I can, not because I need to.

I've heard conflicting things about the Quadro increasing 3dmark scores... it really shouldn't as it only unlocks CAD features which aren't benchmarked by madonion.

Compared to the 1570 I had with the 550 celeron, I am pleased with 2470.