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Geforce 3 black screen after install uggg

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Mar 26, 2001
OK ive clean installed my gf 3 prohpet to be exact 64 meg .I put in in my a7v333 and windows screen comes up then the monitor is like is goes to sleep Ive had my share of problems with nvidia cards tnt2 on up but Im stumped on this one new install of windows guys .heres what ive got windows 98 se

Ive checked to make sure its the only on one the irq so theres not a sharing problem Ive installed the 30.82 set of drivers looking to do the 40 dets next I guess. This card works I know I packed it up I had it running M.O.H. before bought a new motherboard , mb a7v333 and black screen deluxe ugggg help me here please

Dead one way or the other .....
i have sae problem with my serial mouse and usb modem when i have them hooked in ull get black screen after windows thing i just got rid of mboard cause wit my old mboard i aint have that problem
I had a similar problem . try to change your bios or simply remove the mobo battery for about a second(the original bios is returned) and see if it works now. if it odesn't :mad:
It may be a stupid question, but did you install the newest 4in1 (or the drivers for ur chipset)? I had my share of problems also, a TNT2 Pro I got now, refused to work in my ex-K6-3 which had an Aladin5 chipset till I installed a driver, same was with my A7V-133 boards, you gotta have the latest AGP drivers to be sure it will run.
If you have the drivers then might want to try in a different windows version? Or in a different PC
latest 4in1

Well i installed the latest 4in1s and the wqhl drivers approved by minisoft .it runs now but I dont have any of the extra tabs in my propeties windows I used to have with others drivers .But hey its running who cares .Ill get edgy in a day or two and try the det 40s out .........thus starts the hair pulling once again ....Im my own worst enemy .... thanks for the tips guys ,one less stress in the day now ......whats next ?