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Geforce 3 w/ ATI TV-Wonder

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Mar 28, 2001
SLC, Utah
Staying in the dorms this semester at college, and I don't want to take a TV, so I want to get a TV-Wonder card. BUT I do a lot of video editing too. How good is the video capture on the ATI compared to the video capture on the Cardex Geforce3? Can I have two different capture cards (one on the Cardex and one on the ATI)? Or will I get conflicts?
There should be no problems, but be sure you're using windows 95/98, I noticed when I was browsing Best Buy today that the TV Wonder wasn't windows 2000 compatible (I was gonna get one if it was :)).

I'm not sure you'd want the ATI, I would imagine the capture on a geforce 3 would be pretty sweet (did they release the capture enabled cards already?).
Hmm, I was planning on Win2k. Are there any other TV cards out there, as it would be really nice not to have to take a TV and fill up my valuable computer space :).
For the money you would spend on a good windows 2000 compatible capture card, I'd say get the radeon all-in-wonder with DDR; games well enough and has some great video features.

If you insist on getting a capture card, for $70-100 try the Pinnacle card descibed here (sorry for the lame-o best buy link, saw it there today and they're the only place that carries them).
Well, I don't have a camera, the input is coming from VHS. So, I just need a card with the component/svid in. I wanted to watch TV too, but I'm not aware of any other TV cards besides the ATI.