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GeForce 3....

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May 7, 2001
In my new system I am going to install a G3 but was wondering which manufacturer of cards I should use. Anyone try the card made by Gainward? I have heard about them and was looking for some quick answers before I done background research. I have heard and read a little about Vison Tek's version but was wondering if I could get some info on a wide variety of cards. If someone has some info on any G3 they may be using(good or bad) drop it in here. Thx...
I got a Hercules Geforce3 (Dont laugh, i know the ram is slower than other manufactures). And I bought it because it was the cheapest GF3 in the UK. I've heard that Visiontek is the cheapest and is equiped with 3.8ns ram too. Leadtek have the same sort of board with a little extras for a little more.

Personally I think the GF3 kicks serious ***. All the GF3 compatible drivers i've used are darn buggy though (10.00-12.40).
I find the 12.40 best so far as they have the most features and allow me to run more games w/o problems. 12.00 drivers seem to forget monitor settings and have problems with some DX games.

And finally, the one thing I would say to anyone about to buy a Geforce3...
DONT bother getting it if you dont have a good monitor (One that handles 1600x1200 well). Without a good monitor, the geforce3 is kinda wasted.