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geforce 4 heat question

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Aeon Flux

Aug 12, 2003
I just bought a geforce 4 MX 420 for a friend for christmas. Right now he's using a SIS card and has no AGP slot so I was rather limited on what I could get him. Also he likes my old geforce 2 a LOT and plays all the games he wants nicely. So I got him a beefed up geforce 2 with pure hardware TnL. Before the debates arise, yes this card does have pure hardware. I have the exact same card I got him around here somewhere and used it for months and it Does have pure hardware.

I want to know how many watts of heat it puts out. I have an 80 watt Tec here and know thats suffiecient to cool it. But I dont have anything sufficient to cool the 80 watt TEC. I've found if I down it to a 33 watt Tec just about any heatsink I have around ehre with a good fan will cool it. 33 watts was enough to freeze my old kyro. The heatsink on the kyro is the same thing as the heatsink on this geforce 4 except the kyro had a fan. So Im guessing the put out the same amount of heat but would still like to know. So how much heat does a geforce 4 MX 420 put out?
Thanks. I thought it might work. The stock heatsink is this chinzy aluminum block only a 1/4 inch thick and is passivly cooled. I just wanted reassurance.