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GeForce 4 how high to o/c ?

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Oct 18, 2002
Hi I was just wandering how high should I be able to o/c my Sparkle GeForce 4 Ti4200 128 MB RAM
With just default cooling ?
Thanks in advance!
Well, why don't you give it a try and tell us? Just do it slowly and test thoroughly every time you move up. You'll get lock ups and artifacts long before you damage your card, so if something like that happens, just lower it to the last stable setting.
Bump up the core by 10% and the memory by 10% to start. Thats about what my Gainward 4200 does. When u go too high, the screen gets artifacts or crashes. When u get to that point back down till its stable.
Well here are my results...
I could o/c my card to 300/560
Maybe I could get a core little higher ( I'll try it later ) but memory wouldn't go up more than this.
I guess I didn't have luck with this one :(
P.S. What are the signs that the core is o/c too high ???
usually lockups and artifacts. ddr memory does also give you artifacts and lockups but it could produce some color distortions in stuff like fog, light reflections etc.
OC ing the core doesnt have much effect so dont bother pushing it. Its the memory that gives u the boost.

If you would like to verify this, OC the memory only and check 3DMark. Then OC the core only and do the same. Then OC both. You will see that the score with just the memory OCed will be close to the score with both OCed. The score with only the core OCed will be close to the stock speed core. Clearly the memory speed is the bottleneck in these video cards.