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GeForce GTS2 HSF Removal

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Ok, after reading many threads and articles I decided to fit my blorb. First thing I did, is play games for hours :) Then I took the card out (when pc was off, duh) and put it onto a static bag on a table. I put a piece of card under the hsf and got out a blunt knife. I then turned the knife at one corner and the whole thing popped right off. I didnt clean up the surface as it was almost completely clean anyway and I put on the blorb.

Now, I want to do the same thing to someone elses card, but this time I want to clean up the core to apply AS instead of simple fragtape. I have been advised at a local hardware to use Isyprol Alcohol. The guy there told me that simple tape cassette head cleaning solution contains this chemical and would be fine to clean up the core. Is this true? I'm already quite certain that its fine but my friend wants to be extra sure.

PS, thanks moderators for deleting my last post, the other AS guy was a completely different topic. You could have at least just moved it instead of deleting it.
it depends on what is on the chip when you pop it of you can try alcohol and see if its clean enough and if so your set. I do beleive that head cleaner is mostly alcohol. Some guys say the only way to clean A\S off a proccesor is to use heavy solvents like acetone and such if alcohol will clean it fine I would stick with that to be honest I do not know if acetone would eat the plastic that the chip is made of so if you need something like that post that topic and you will get answers fast
So something like white spirit would do fine too if the cassette head cleaner doesn't do its job? If so, how long do I have to wait for White Spirit to evaporate?
Wipe it up with what?

Earbuds, Kitchen Towel, Sponge what?

If im going to do this, i want to make a half decent job of it.