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Geforce heatsink upgrade

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I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
I decided it was time to get some better cooling on the ol' geforce 256. I got a stock athlon heatsink from a friend, at straped an 80mm to it so it would cool the heatsink and the ram chips at the same time, and poped off the old heatsink. My heard dang near stopped when it came off, even though i knew sortof what to expect. The thing is i really didn't gain anything from it, i can't overclock any more than 5mhz more than before, and that only sometimes. Is this normal, of is something not right?
Doing big HSF mods to a GPU do little no difference in overclockability at all. I was dissapointed after i spent $44 on fans/heatsinks for my Geforce.
Actually from what I have heard, more people get gains on video cards from cooling the ram chips on the card. Cooling the gpu, but the ram gets hot too
I'd say it's quite normal to not be able get much improvements. I ripped the original HSF off my MX and made ramsinks out of it. Got something like 10MHz out of it. I put a blorb on the GPU, not much improvement.
sor to disturb this discussion, but could anyone explain how i can unfasten a hs/fan from my god old annihilator pro? its put on with a thermalpad or thermal glue.
thanx in advance deadlyeye
Potentially dangerous... This is what I would do: First, run a some VERY GPU intensive app for about 30min, then shutdown and remove the card from the slot, ASAP. Put a razorblade or something very sharp and thin between the HS & GPU. Nudge lightly, bit by bit.
Runs the risk of damaging the GPU, sadly.
deadlyeye...I used to have 2 CLAP DDR's ...used to. After trying what your thinking left me with one...I decided the stock cooling was good enough. :)

I was being careful too. Those sinks are on there but good. I first tried to shear it off by twisting level and it wouldn't budge. Then I tried the thin putty knife between the HS and core. I heard a little crackle...stopped...reinstalled..was greated with the 4 beeps of death.

The stock cooler does just fine. It will allow 155mhz before artifacs'. One thing about the memory I've noticed... higher AGP clocks mean lower memory potential. The same card will allow higher memory clocks at default AGP. Mine was about 5mhz less where I am now...without errors.

I think RAM sinks are a waste of green.

You want to do something really worth while...do the quadro mod and check this out...

These cards are still great.